Dr. Amos Messing, code name Dr. Amazing, is the leader of the Amazing Three. He's a super-genius with over 20 doctorates, one of them in psionic principles,[1] who seems to be convinced that magic is just another psi phenomenon, if he could just figure out how.

His inventions include the famous Danger Suits he uses for adventuring, defensive-only versions being marketed to police forces and rescue workers since the 1970s,[1] and presumably Messingite, a strong and dense material used in security applications. Messingite is a registered trademark.[2]


He's mentioned as having started his career as one of the Whiz Kids, a group of adventuring teenaged super-geniuses recruited by Professor Quartermane.[3]

He's mentioned as having rescued Jadis and Malachi Diabolik from the Iron Warlord some time previously.[2][4]

He receives the real version of the Braeburn Report from Mrs. April Arendt.[5]

He hires Jade and Tennyo as babysitters for a baby he found in dimensional resonance K-971, next to a real demon.[1]

He's known to have difficulty meeting normal time limits on presentations within his disciplines.[6]


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