Dr. Heavy (Lester) is a gravitational warper who was initially stuck generating an 8G field that he couldn't turn off, which is why he was placed in Hawthorne Cottage. While examining his chi, Chaka's finger somehow gets stuck. In the process of freeing herself, she accidentally alters his chi and its effect on his powers, so he (and everything around him) floats in a zero-gee field afterward. He's "down in the basement".[1]

There are a number of references to the incident.[2][3][4]

Joanne bribes him into treating the younger Thornies to a zero-G version of Bounce House when she's assigned to Hawthorne for detention. Much fun was had by all, until she starts winding the kids up with sugar highs before turning them over to Solange.[5]

Lester is also a dwarf.[6]


  • Since code names including unearned titles are usually prohibited it is unclear how being called "Dr. Heavy" relates to his official code name.


As noted above, Lester is a very high level gravitational warper (WA-4g, like Anomaly, Gravmax, and Superchick), but it's stuck "always on". He manifested some time in 2006.[1] Murphy's warper power makes her immune to Dr. Heavy's gravitation powers, but not Anomaly's.[5]




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