A drawing of Morgana.

Dragonsfyre (Morgana Jones,[1] born Rob[2]), is a Whateley student. She is Astrodragon's first major character.

Personal historyEdit

Although the Mutant Gene Complex ran in Rob's father's family—his uncle is a healer, and his older sister is a Gadgeteer-1 -- it was not very strong. His father had never manifested as a mutant, and Rob was not expected to manifest, since he was already past the typical age for that. Rob and his sister lost their parents to a traffic accident sometime in the past, and are being raised by his uncle and aunt.

Rob's life changed in June 2016, when a band of mercenaries at the service of a cult hit the laboratory where he had his summer job. One of the mercenaries apparently detected his inactive MGC, and they decided to take him along, since he fulfilled the requirements for another part of their job.

He was placed under the care of a "type 3 entity" named Thulia and her imp assistant Bruce. Thulia had been contracted by the cult to perform a research job, experimented on him in order to activate his mutant trait and shape his Body Image Template to the needs of the cult—they specifically wanted him as a Wizard with an affinity for the Fire Plane, in order to use him as a mystic battery.

Thulia and Bruce befriended Rob, and she was angry at finding out that he was not a volunteer, but she was bound by a mystic contract and had to perform the procedure despite that. The process hit a snag: Rob's body was not strong enough to withstand the energies involved. In order to save him, Thulia injected him with some of her own blood.

This saved Rob at the price of affecting his BIT—he became a near-twin to Thulia's manifested appearance: a beautiful female, with small horns. Before being forced to leave due to the end of her contract, Thulia warned Rob to not, in any circumstance, to sign a contract with the cult, or he—now she—would be enslaved to them. This led to Abraxus ordering Rob to be tortured until she complied.



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