Dump Truck (Matthew Thatcher) is a Whateley student, Class of 2011.

The Breakfast Brawl of October 2007: Eruption drops a Pride flag on Mega-Girl while she's eating breakfast with Stronghold. Thatcher attacked Nalley from behind, but was intercepted by Saladin. His friend Thud tries to attack Saladin from behind but is sacked by Hippolyta.[1]

Later in the day, Thatcher sees Danny Franks shift to Danica and outs her in front of the assembled student body. This time, the entire FSHA is ready to roll.[2][3][4]

The next day, Eruption, Dump Truck, and Bulldozer ambush Stronghold bright and early in the Boy's Room. It doesn't go as planned.[5]

David Archer has promised him and others more "action" for Halloween night.[6]


He likes to think that wearing his old biker gang vest over a school jacket (with the sleeves cut off) is cool. Mrs. Carson does NOT agree. When hurt, he responds with a girlish squeal of pain. he has a Boston working-class accent.[7] It should be noted that Solange isn't impressed with him wearing his wild dirty brown hair cut into a mullet. [8]


Given Danny Frank's injuries, [9] and his own, [10] he might be a mid- to high- level brick. However, he is not in Tansy's league, so his attempt at a punch ends with his broken hand (Did we mention he squeals?).[8]




Fall 2007Edit

  • Algebra (Mrs. Bell, Classroom 204, Schuster Hall)[7]


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