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Maximillian Dynsen, codename Dynamaxx, is a Gadgeteer[1] and a member of the Robo-Jox, the Vindicators simulator team[2], and the Euro-promotional League ("Beret Mafia"); he's German,[3] but appears to have spent considerable time in Copenhagen.[4] His last name is spelled variously, first as Dynsen[5], then as Dynesen.[2]


Maximillian, called Max, is part of the Dynsen family, owners of Dynsen Telekom, and as such member of the Golden Kids.[5] He speaks fluent German[5], Danish[1], Dutch[6], English[7] and at least adequate French[5]. He has spiky dark blonde hair and seems to think of himself as quite the womanizer, frequently annoying female company with his blunt come-ons.

“Oh, but before you go,” ‘Max’ purred in an European accent that I couldn’t peg, “allow me to introduce myself, valiant lady. _I_ am Dynamaxx.”
I blinked. “Dynamax? Isn’t that the name of an electronics company?”
“Not quite.” He said sourly, “They spell it with ONE ‘X’, I spell it with TWO.” He leaned forward and leered, “Sometimes, I spell it with three!”[7]


Fall 2006[]

  • some Advanced Technologies course Fourth Period[7]

Winter 2007[]