Electrode's name is JaquelineJackieWarwick (born John ‘Jack’ Warwick)


MID as of 2006-12-14:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings Energizer – 4 (Electricity, Magnetism), Exemplar - 3, Martial arts – basic
Techniques Flight, Force field, Electric arc, Blinding flash, Magnetic control
Weak vs Psychic, Magic
Backup / Team Affiliation None


Jackie is a sophomore in Poe, as a transgender male-to-female. She is trying to come to terms with her sex change; she’s had lesbian relations with a few of the Poe girls, and is experimenting with ‘Het’ (if that term applies here) relationships. For the most part, she is a ‘reaction’ character- a character who isn’t funny in of herself, but acts as a straight-man or foil to sillier characters, or reacts to other character’s silliness to heighten the comedy. Jackie can also be used as the person who drops the obvious, common sense answer, in the middle of silliness.

Jackie is a level 3 Exemplar and a level 4 Energizer. Her energy takes the form of bursts of electricity and powerful magnetic fields. She can fly, project personal force fields, manipulate ferrous objects, project stunning shocks of electricity and ‘arc’ electricity between her hands to create a blinding flash.

Note: Jackie was, and still is, a big fan of the ‘Lady Lightning’ comic book character. Her outfit is a royal-blue-and-white-with-silver-trim capeless version of Lady Lightning’s black-and-gray-with-gold-trim costume.

In a fit of perversity, Gunny Bardue stuck Jackie in a team with Hexette, a blonde PK strong-girl called Unicorn, and an African-American superspeeding daredevil called Lynx. On record, this team is called Strike Team - Four, but they are pretty universally known as AEGIS Jr, another reference to 'Lady Lightning.'

Jackie is friends with Phase, and really dislikes Delta Spike. For a while she shared a room with Feral,[2] at least until October 2006.[3]

She fought Generator during her Fall 2006 Combat Final; she won, due to Generator failing to web her when she was down.[1]




Fall 2006Edit


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