ElrodW is, since July 2014, one of the Canon Authors, who was promoted from fanon based on the strength of his story Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight. Subsequently, the story was converted into canon and follow-up ones were written.

He also took over Charge, previously a minor character, and turned her into a protagonist. He has also introduced several new characters such as Knockoff, 'Shine and his first Gen2 character, Cerulea.

Non-Whateley writingEdit

ElrodW has been writing fiction, mostly of the TG variety, since the end of last century. His works are numerous, but they can be found in these places:

He has originated a few notable fictional universes:

Bikini BeachEdit

Technically an offshoot of Bill Hart's Spells 'R Us universe, Bikini Beach took a life of its own. The stories concern a magical water park which was created as a refuge for women -- men who bathe in the park's waters (including the mandatory showers) are transformed into women for the duration of their guest pass. And yes, the park does sell lifetime memberships...


Centuries ago, a damaged alien spaceship lost part of its cargo in our solar system. The cargo consisted of Morphic Adaptation Units, wondrous machines which can transform a person into anything they can conceive. Over time, several of them fell on the Earth and were found by people. They are very easy to use, but there's a catch: after a three-day demo period, the units stop working -- and, of course, the warnings are written in an alien language...

Operation RescueEdit

The Morris Foundation gives women who are expecting unwanted babies a way out of the ethical dilemma of abortion -- by having the fetus transferred to an willing host mother, for later adoption. However, there aren't enough women volunteers. But the same breakthrough in-vitro organ growing technology that originated the Foundation's wealth allows men to receive the necessary organs so they can also be hosts...

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