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Ms. Grimes by Elaborate

Elyzia/Elysia/Eliza Grimes is the evocation instructor in the Mystic Arts Program[1]. She's an extremely powerful witch, and looks the part. Think Mortica Addams. She's got a familiar, a cat named Merlin. As she puts it, when she looks like she does, she has to get out ahead of it or take a lot of flack. Whether she's a mutant or a baseline wizard isn't currently known.

In Even Murphy's Law has Loopholes, she describes herself as: "Faithful servant of the Earth Mother, Anointed of the Old Ways and Student of Raven".[2]

She is in charge of the Junior High Program. Tansy Walcutt is assigned to her as a Student Assistant in mid January 2007.[3][4] She seems to be responsible for the Three Little Witches in general, particularly dealing with the various problems they cause and punishing them appropriately.[5]

She acts as chaperone for the party of students that goes into Boston for Boston Brawl II. She manages to miss most of the fight.[6]

Discusses with Hakim Al-Feyez about the possible connections between the Devisor trait and Alchemy.[7]

She was warned by Raven that there was a storm brewing and she would likely die in the next year if she didn't figure out what was going on and do something. She has been casting divinations since, all of which have said "disaster," until the last one, on the day of the All Hallows Ball, which suggests success.[8]

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Some time between Monday, February 22 1999 and Friday, March 10 2000, she was working at Whateley, and George Haley contacted her through his nephew that was at Whateley to do some magic that allowed him to know his soul, that he was himself.[9]

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