The first paragraph was written by Bek D. Corbin, and published as part of Canon Material: Explanation of Power Terms. The second paragraph derives from a posting by Maggie Finson, published as part of Questions and Answers: Power Categories

Energizers can tap into the Earth's electromagnetic field and store it in their body to discharge as they want. This effect is limited to electromagnetic forces, but the phenomenon is very versatile. The classic effects of this trait are being able to project powerful electrical shocks or to create powerful magnetic fields. However, the effects that energizers can produce are extremely varied. The primary breakdown for energizers is internal energizers and external energizers. Internal energizers use the energy that they tap into to augment their physiques. Depending on the individual, this could be short-term "supercharges" or long term stimulation of bone, tendon and muscle development resulting in a physical powerhouse. External energizers project the energy outside themselves, creating powerful electromagnetic fields or electrical shocks. There are also many cases of mixed energizers, who share aspects of both the internal and external energizer.

Most super-speed types are a sub-type of energizer: their specialty is a sort of secondary nervous system that distributes energy to the muscles for improved speed and endurance. The secondary nervous system may also improve reflex and response speeds.