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Seraphina Sophia "Fina" Valocco,[1] born Serafino Sophia "Fino" Valocco is the daughter of the supervillainess Strega.[2] She is a Junior in High School.

She arrives at Whateley Academy on August, 28, 2007.[3]


Before his manifestation, Fino was "the sort of doughy Italian-American boy that looks like he’s been hit in the face with a shovel. Not ugly or obese, really, but plain, even without my glasses."[2]

After metamorphosing to a girl as part of the manifestation of his mutant powers, Fina looks very much like a younger version of her mother. High cheekbones, small chin, refined jaw and large, slightly upturned, emerald green eyes, light olive complexion and long, straight, jet-black hair. A long, swan-like, neck, slender but well-toned shoulders, C-cup breasts and teardrop-shaped buttocks. She's tall for a girl, at 5'7", with a 32–20–32 figure.[4]


Fina's testing at ARC's Boston facility classifies her as EX-3/WIZ-4/PSI-3, but further testing may change that.[4] This puts her not only towards the higher end of the power scale, but also WIZ/PSI combinations are considered rare.

Other uses of the codename[]

There was at least one previous user of the codename "Envy", but Strega purchased the name rights as a gift for Fina.[1]


Main Character[]



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