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Faerie are a type of magical creature, distantly related to the Sidhe, and share an allergy to synthetics. It is also assumed they share a negative reaction to iron, as they are both a type of magical creature, and magic doesn't like iron.[1]

At least one of them, Morrigan would call herself a "Raven of the Centre", so they have at least some standing with Atlantis and the Five Fold Court.[2]


Faerie use natural Hallows via fairy forts / rings. There are also rituals to make Hallows using blood magic and an extant leylines. Experiments with such rituals have usually resulted in massacre. They've also never been attempted outside of Ireland Scotland or the Nordic countries.[3]


They're ruled by Nine Princes[1], who rule realms and are possibly aligned with a Court, and are a Head of House.[4]

Princes unaligned with a Court "likely have a title such as Prince or Duke in English or a Germain rank in their respect tongue".[4]

Local Heads of House who aren't the prince who live in the realm will usually then have similar title like chief, baron, count etc. These minor nobles can be from the Áes Síobhraí, Áes Discir or the Little Folk. Power retainers in these groups will have household titles like knight, majordomo, castellan, etc.[4]
Racial casting in descending order:
Gentry > Wylder > Little Folk[4]
Some small folk and wylders rule a realm they never become archfey and cannot hold mantles of power equivalent to a Prince.[4]

Biology and other features[]

I've slowly worked mostly on the Biology of the Aes Siobhrai and I'll likely introduce an Aes Discir eventually. We've already seen Beast Fae in the form of the Black Shuck that Grainne summoned. That was one thing I wanted to emphasize with Fae when they mess up their magic it doest create hobs it instead draws a line of energy which allows Beast and more dangerous Fae to cross over.[5]
So a few things about the Aes Discir.[5]
1. They are mostly take after entities well known. Selkies are one type and are widely found across the Atlantic with some colonies living in the Pacific Rim. There are also a lot of Fox Folk found in Europe. Some take after deer and are mostly in Europe with some in Africa and Asia. These enfleshed fae usually live in plain sight and don't show their trueselves as they can hide among GSD communities or use glamours to hide their true forms. Most are bound to natural Domains like "Forest" or "Mountains" etc or elemental Domains. They're usually organized into Clans or Tribes bound around a major figure of the natural world. So you might have a clan of Selkies living in Donegal who call themselves something like the "Finfolk" or the "Tribe of Manann".[5]

Family Tree[]

??? x ? times
??? x ? times
O'Callaghan family

Members by first-stated House[]

Tuath Dé / Danu's Clan / House of Don[1][]

  • Danu
  • Ernmas
  • Delbáeth
  • Nemain
  • Macha
  • Morrigan
  • Morrigan's unnamed daughters[1]
  • Áine, step-daughter of Morrigan.[6]
  • Boann[6]

Tŷ Llŷr, the tribe of Llyr[]

  • Llyr
  • Penarddun
  • Nimue[7]
  • Unnamed sister of Nimue[7]

House of the Yellow-King?[]

Unknown House[]


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