Robert Turner, code name Falcon, is a member of STAR League. He graduated Magna Cum Laud from Whateley in 1986; Valedictorian, Dartmouth '91. Worked with the Minutemen in New York before founding S.T.A.R. League in his wife's hometown of Providence, R.I. His wife, also a member of S.T.A.R. League, is Tabby Cat, and his daughter, Wallflower, is currently enrolled at Whateley. While at Whateley he roomed in Twain Cottage[1] and was a member of the FSA all four years, serving as President his Senior year.[2]

"Dad’s costume had evolved over the years, judging by the old picture I’d seen of him in the FSA’s ‘Club House’ under Schuster Hall. And while the outfit itself had evolved, it’s color, falcon grey had always been a fixture. Currently, his still rather impressive frame was incased in the outfit, added to with a small collection of gizmos Soldier of Fortune had made for him. They were collected in a utility belt and a pair of gauntlets, which formed the anchor of his cape to his wrists, giving it a decided wing-like look."
He's the very picture of a Superhero. He's shared the stage with Presidents, Kings and aliens.

He appears in all of the Wallflower stories.[1][2][3]

Generation 2Edit

In the 2016-2017 Whateley school year, he's Assistant Headmaster.[4]


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