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This list is current for Fall 2007. A significant number of students of unknown graduation year were part of the class of 2007 and have graduated, but without WOG we don't know which ones to remove.

Code Name First Name Surname Class Cottage Organizations Notes
*!x 20xx Unknown Pronounced "Star-ix" also called "Splat-Bang" or "The Splat"
Abracadabra Bethany Tarvetti 2011 Whitman Three Little Witches
Absinthe Gwendolynn (Gwen) Wylann 2011 Poe
Accelerator 2010 Unknown Elite League
"secret" Dylans
ex Young Turks
Ace Andy DeWitt 200x Unknown Spy Kids
Achoo Bobby 2011 Hawthorne
Adamantine 20xx Dickinson
Adore Alisaundra Hunter 2011 Hawthorne
Aegis Chris Matthews 2011 Unknown
Aggro 20xx Poe
Alabaster 20xx Unknown
Alakazam Salima Al-Kazzan 2009 Melville Tigers
Alecto 20xx Whitman Faction Three
The Furies
Angel Mary Goodhope 2009 Poe Teaching Assistant - Flight I
Anomaly Monica Carter 2010 Poe Outcast Corner "Noms"
Antenna Brian 20xx Hawthorne Monster Squad
Anvil Daveed Richmond 2009 Melville Punk Patrol
A-Plus Annie Pollard 200x Unknown Spy Kids
Appaloosa Parsons 20xx Unknown Good Ol' Boyz
Aqueous Philip Gliese 20xx Hawthorne Faction Three
Aquerna Anna Raquel Parsons 2010 Dickinson Wondercute
Parkour Hooligans
Arachne Simone Bender 20xx Whitman Lit Chix
Archon Victory Jaxton 2011 Poe
Aries Arnold Harvey 2008 Melville Alphas
The Don's Faction
Armadillo Keith 20xx Twain Faction Three
UltraViolent List
Arte-fact 20xx Unknown Dream Team
Ash Maximillian Carter 2010 Twain Power Rangers
Askey 20xx Poe
Attributes 20xx Unknown
Axel 20xx Unknown Wailers Clique
Aztecka Paloma 2009 Melville The Nations
Balderdash 2011 Unknown
Bang-Bang Mike 20xx Unknown
Bannockburn 20xx Emerson Ultra-Violents: Fun Fight!
Beacon 20xx Unknown Goobers
Bearclaw 20xx Melville
Befana Marla Fontaine 2008 Poe
Behemoth 2010 Unknown ex Young Turks
Belphegor Philip Blackadar 2010 Melville Belphoebe's "father"
Beltane Kendall `Belle´ Forbes 2008 Poe Teaching Assistant - Principles of Magic
Bengal 20xx Unknown
Bifrost Lornze Gottfrey 200x Unknown Team Phoenix
Big Motha 20xx Unknown Bad Boyz
Blackbox 2011 Unknown
Blacklight 2008 Unknown Omega Squad
Blackrose Rosalyn Dekkard 2008 Poe
Bladedancer Chou Lee 2010 Poe Handmaid's Own
(ex)Team Kimba
Blitz 20xx Unknown
Bloodwolf 20xx Twain UltraViolent List
Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents
Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Blot Richard Henry 20xx Twain
Blotter 20xx Unknown Le Carnival
Bluejay Jay Blue Lake 2009 Melville Alphas
The Nations
Bluescreen Alan 200x Twain Underdogs
Bogus Janos Boglavros 2009 Melville The Don's Faction
Bomber 2008 Unknown Grunts
Bombshell Barbara 'Barb' Sheldon 2010 Dickinson Elite League
ex Young Turks
Booker 20xx Unknown Bookies
Boudacia Erin 2008 Poe Cape Squad
Bova 20xx Whitman Drow Collective
Boxcars 20xx Unknown Bookies
Brainflash Atticus Martin 2009 Twain CORE
Bravo Gregory 'Greg' Bravermann 2010 Melville Unstoppable Three
Ultra-Violents: Bigots
Styles himself "Captain Bravo"
Breakdown Pamela Green 2011 Poe
Britomart Betty Archard 2010 Dickinson
Broadsword Doug Kelly 2011 Emerson
Bronco Jeff 2009 Unknown Facilities "Mondo"
Bubble Wells 200x Unknown
Bugs Bunny Cormick 2010 Poe Wondercute
Team Kimba Associate
Order of the Worn Wrench
Bull Dozer Ernie Schuler 2011 Bad Boyz
Bunker Buster Andrea Elsner 2010 Unknown Grunts
Wild Bunch
Security Auxiliary
Bunsen 201x Unknown
Buster Benjamin Torres 2009 Unknown Brute Squad
Ultra-Violents: Pain Giver
Buttercup 20xx Unknown
Buzz 20xx Unknown
Cagliostro Marcello Baldinato 20xx Emerson
Captain Power Eddie Brysen 2010 Unknown This will be changed
Carapace Dai 'Derek' Kaiju 20xx Twain
Carmilla Sara Waite 2010 Poe Sara's Pack
Security Auxiliary
UltraViolent List
Team Kimba Associate
The Kellith
Currently Missing
Cascade Phillipa 2008 Poe Dragons
Cauldron Erin Carrew 2011 Unknown
Cavalier Jean-Michel Cardan 2008? Unknown ex Alpha
Recovering from Hekate's spell
Centurion 2011 Unknown
Cerebrex Alvin Cuthbert 20xx Unknown Vindicators Styles himself 'Captain Canada!'
Chain Gang 20xx Unknown
Chain Lightning Dorjee 'David' Nawang 2009 Unknown Handmaid's Own
Chaka Toni Chandler 2010 Poe Team Kimba
Security Auxiliary
Wild Bunch
Chaosdancer Kristen Darken 2010 Unknown Dream Team
Charge Adalie Vitesse 2010 Dickinson Beret Mafia
Charger 20xx Unknown
Charmer Primavera 'Vera' Villabianca 2010 Dickinson Beret Mafia
Golden Kids
Chat Bleu Nanette De La Fontaine 20xx Dickinson Beret Mafia
Cheese Victor Alexander Maria Stieglitz-von Maas 2010 Twain Bad Seeds
Chemtrail Prudence Tavori 2009 Dickinson Venus Inc.
Chimera 20xx Hawthorne Yin & Yang
Chorale 2009 Whitman
Chung 20xx Twain Dragons
Cinderella Cindy 2011 Poe
Clover Estelle 2012 Dickinson Three Little Witches Junior High Program
Cobalt Gareth 20xx Unknown Dragons
Coldstone Sally Talbert 20xx Whitman
Compiler Barbara Anne 'Babs' Younkle 20xx Hawthorne Lit Chix
Conduit Reece 20xx Unknown Good Ol' Boyz
Confundus 2008 Unknown Omega Squad
Conjure Randa Van Dusen 2008 Melville ex Alphas
Coreolis 20xx Unknown
Cornerback 20xx Unknown Uber-Jocks
Corrosive Karen 20xx Unknown Golden Kids
Counterpoint Christopher Watson 2010 Melville New Olympians
UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Fun Fights!
Cover Girl Bethany (Beth) Anders 2011 Poe
Creepy 20xx Unknown Dream Team
Crimson 2008 Unknown Omega Squad
The Nations
Crimson Comet Cecile 2011 Poe
Crunch 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Crush 20xx Unknown
Crystalline 20xx Unknown
Cueball 20xx Unknown
Cutlass Kayla Glupiek 20xx Whitman
Cyberkitty Paige Donner 2010 Hawthorne The Nations
Sara's Pack
UltraViolent List
Formerly Circuit Breaker
Medawihla Tribe
Knights of the Church
Cytherea Victoria Donovan 2009 Dickinson New Olympians
Beret Mafia
Damballah 2009 Unknown Tigers
Damper Bradley Kenner 2009 Melville The Don's Faction Expelled and Arrested
Darqueheart Colleen Thompson 2011 Whitman
Dash Alex Morgan 2008 Unknown Masterminds
Dazzle Sandi 20xx Unknown Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders
Deimos Janine Richter 2010 Whitman Outcast Corner
UltraViolent List
Delta Spike Elaine Fleischer 2009 Poe
Demona 20xx Whitman Faction Three Code name changed from Tool
Derp 2011 Hawthorne
Destry 20xx Poe
Diamanta Peggy Miller 20xx Poe
Diamondback Sandra Carter 2010 Whitman Outcast Corner
Wild Bunch
Security Auxiliary
Diva Anna-Lize Derrascorra 2010 Unknown Power Cats
Diz Aster Desiderata Lopez 201x Hawthorne Junior High Program
Donner Pers Gundersson 2009 Unknown Vindicators
Doorstop Kyle 2011 Emerson
Downpour 2011 Poe
Dr. Heavy Lester 2010 Hawthorne
Dragonball 20xx Unknown
Dragonrider Lindsey Fellows 2010 Dickinson Wondercute
Bad Seeds
Drama Bethany Farrow 2011 Whitman (Drama Queen)
Dredz Charles Zander 2009 Twain STAR League Jr
Security Auxiliary
Dump Truck Matt Thatcher 2011 Unknown Bad Boyz
Duplex Theresa Solla 2009 Dickinson Power Cats
Dust 2011 Hawthorne
Dynamaxx Maximillian Dynsen 2009 Emerson Vindicators
Golden Kids
Beret Mafia
Ebon 20xx Unknown Ex Lit Chix
Ecto-tek 20xx Unknown Goobers
Eldritch Caitlin Bardue 20xx Hawthorne Outcast Corner
Parkour Hooligans
UltraViolent List
Security Auxiliary
was Erik Mahren
Electrode Jackie Warwick 2009 Poe AEGIS Jr
Ember Angelina Cromwell 2016 Hawthorne Team Awesome! Junior High Program
Envy Seraphina Sophia (Fina) Valocco 2011 Poe
Ergonomic Will 200x Unknown
Erlenmeyer 20xx Unknown
Eruption David Archer 2008 Unknown Omega Squad
Order of the Worn Wrench
Escapement 20xx Unknown
Esoteric Frank/Erin Danielson 2011 Poe
Exquisite Naomi Pryce 2011 Melville
Fade Hayley Kleisch 2008 Dickinson Alphas
Familiar 20xx Unknown
Fairy Girl Jenny Merrowitz 2011 Unknown
Fantastico Bert Walker Jr. 2008 Melville Good Ol' Boyz
Farrago Keith Fairleigh 2009 Emerson The Don's Faction
Wild Watusi
ex Elite League
ex Alphas
Feral Erin Wynguard 2009 Poe New Olympians
Sara's Pack
Ferret Ivor Lark 2009 Unknown Good Ol' Boyz
Fertility 20xx Unknown Groundskeeping
Fey Nikki Reilly 2010 Poe Team Kimba
Venus Inc.
Wild Bunch
Security Auxiliary
Fire Forge Mary Nestle 2009 Hawthorne
Fireball Alberta Waldner Became Tisiphone
Firecat Robert Shih 2008 Unknown Wild Pack
Security Auxiliary
Also known as Bobcat
Firelight 20xx Unknown
Fixx 2011 Emerson Underdogs
Flashbang Marie Schultz 20xx Unknown Order of the Worn Wrench
Flatman Bruce Darling 20xx Twain
Flayer 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents: Torture Club
Flex Devaki 2010 Dickinson
Flicker Nancy Coolidge 2008 Dickinson Alphas
Flux Benny Hardew 2010 Poe The Nations
Flytrap Collin Reynolds 2011 Emerson
Flywire Buddy Coleman 20xx Unknown
Força 20xx Unknown
Foxfire Rebecca Corbin 20xx Whitman Lit Chix
Fracas 200x Twain
Fractious Dee Castle 20xx Whitman Lit Chix
Frank Truman Phillips 2010 Hawthorne
Free Wing Rachel Michaels 200x Dickinson
Freeze Frame Naomi Anders 2009 Poe GhostWalkers
Freight Train Angie 20xx Unknown Drow Collective
Froggy Baird Frobisher 2010 Twain
Frostbite 2009 Melville
Frostbite 'Frosty' 2010 Hawthorne
F-X Thiago Silva 2010 Melville
Galaxy Alisha 20xx Whitman
Garafena Alberta Brianna `Bree´ Shephard 2010 Whitman
Gargant 20xx Twain
Gateway Molly Harrington 2010 Dickinson Handmaid's Own
Parkour Hooligans
Team Kimba Associate
Gauntlet Tom Leszczynski 20xx Emerson
Gavotte 20xx Whitman
Geiger 20xx Hawthorne
Geist Carrie Porter 2011 Unknown
Gem Kelly 20xx Unknown Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders
Generator Jade Sinclair 2010 Poe Team Kimba
UltraViolent List
Pacifist List
Geomancer Winnie Guthrie 2010 Dickinson Handmaid's Own
G-Force LeShawn Calhoun 2009 Unknown Cape Squad
UltraViolent List
Ghost Boy Bernardo Hidalgerra 20xx Unknown Ninjas
Giga-form 20xx Unknown
Gila Tyler 20xx Twain
Glamorous Shannon Pruitt 20xx Dickinson Cottage fixer
Glass Darlene 20xx Dickinson Underdogs
Glissade Karine 2009 Unknown Wild Watusi
ex Beret Mafia
Glitter April Madison 2009 Whitman CORE
Glock-Jock 20xx Unknown
Go-Go Juanita Havier 2009 Poe Code name changed from Quickie
Gold Stallion Jeff Carter 20xx Melville Ultra-Violents:Pain Givers
Golden Girl Jayne Scramble 20xx Whitman Elite League ex Lit Chix
Goodvibes Arwin Hochauser 2010 Unknown WARS Styles himself "Dr. Goodvibes"
Young Turks
Gore Nicholas Wembley 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents:Torture Club
Gorgon 20xx Poe
Gotterdammerung Adriane Reichs 20xx Melville
Grabby 20xx Whitman Freakshow
Grapple 2008 Unknown Omega Squad
Gravmax Nicolas Boussard 2011 Unknown
Gray Guardian 20xx Unknown Goobers
Greasy Adam Lambert 2010 Twain WARS
Order of the Worn Wrench
Grenadier 2010 Unknown Young Turks
Grit Hugh Pryce 2011 Unknown
Gritty Faith Corcoran 20xx Unknown
Gundam 20xx Unknown
Gunkan 20xx Unknown Pan-Asia
Gypsy 20xx Whitman Sara's Pack
Haematid 20xx Twain
Haller 20xx Poe
Hamper James Kenner 2009 Melville The Don's Faction Expelled and Arrested
Hardcase Stacy 20xx Dickinson Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders
Hardsell Tom Hershel 2008 Unknown Order of the Worn Wrench
The Nations
Hardwyrd 2011 Poe
Harpy 20xx Whitman Freakshow
Harrier Adrian 200x Unknown GhostWalkers
Hatamoto Ken Yagimura 20xx Unknown Pan-Asia
Golden Kids
Haywire Roland Voorhees 2009 Unknown Masterminds
Hazard Amelia Conroy-Xiao 2009 Melville Masterminds
Hazmat Jerry Walsh 2009 Emerson
Headrush Alicia Thacker 2010 Melville Underdogs
Ex Dickinson
Heartbreaker Eve Hilton 2008 Dickinson Masterminds
Venus Inc.
Also called Edith
Hela 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents:Fun Fight!
Helix 20xx Hawthorne
Hexbreaker Michael Derzhavin 20xx Unknown Cape Squad
Hexette Suzanne Ware 2009 Unknown AEGIS Jr
Hippolyta 2008 Poe Cape Squad
Sara's Pack
Hiroshi Thomas Harris 2009 Unknown Power Rangers
Hoarder Tira 20xx Whitman
Holdout Darren Colm 200x Emerson Spy Kids
Horrorshow 2009 Emerson
Hydroflux Madelyn Wicker 2008 Melville Order of the Worn Wrench
Hyper 2010 Melville Unstoppable Three
Icebreaker Cathy Martin 2009 Melville Alphas
Ice-Cold 20xx Unknown ex Tigers
Icer Matt Holloway 2008 Unknown The Don's Faction ex Alphas
"Icky Micky" Mickey McIlstine 20xx Unknown Real Codename unknown
Igneous 20xx Twain Faction Three
Imminent 20xx Unknown Alphas
Imperious Jason Stratholm 2008 Melville New Olympians
Incubus Larry Finson 2010 Emerson Not a Succubus
Interface Randy Welles 2009 Unknown Team Phoenix
Spy Kids
Iron Devon Roth 20xx Unknown Denouement
Iron Monger Dave 20xx Unknown
Iron Rose 2011 Poe Rose
Iron Star Bobby Hastings 2009 Unknown Cape Squad
Jacko 20xx Unknown Freakshow
Jaunt 20xx Dickinson
Jeepers 20xx Unknown
Jello Eleanor Ruskin 2009 Hawthorne Masterminds
Jericho Joseph Turner 2010 Twain Outcast Corner
Wild Bunch
Security Auxiliary
Jetspeed 20xx Unknown
Jetstream 2008 Whitman
JT "Jimmy T" Jimmy Trauger 2009 Hawthorne Monster Squad
UltraViolent List
Jinx Amanda Conner 2011 Poe
Jokester 20xx Unknown
Jolt Jamal Castle 2010 Unknown "Cousin Curtis"
Judicator Elisabeth Maza 2009 Whitman New Olympians
Juice 20xx Unknown
Juryrig Greta 20xx Unknown Power Cats
Kaiju Sadhira Patel 2009 Whitman
Kamuro Rhiannon Davies 2010 Whitman Underdogs
Kew Emily Anne Quenton 20xx Whitman Spy Kids
Khrysalis Christina Lewis 20xx Unknown The Nations
Killstench 200x Twain UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents
Kismet Korrende Mitterand 2009 Whitman Vindicators
Beret Mafia
Kludge Ed 20xx Twain
Knick-Knack Jean-Paul Alivares 2009 Twain New Olympians
Order of the Worn Wrench
Knockoff Martina Hughes 2011 Poe
Koala 2008 Dickinson Prefers to be called Spider
Kodiak Wyatt Cody 2007 (2008) Melville Team Phoenix
Ultra-Violents: Fun Fights!
Taking an extra year for Magic Instruction
Kraken Phillip Lowry 2011 Denouement
Lady Liberty Amy Tang 20xx Dickinson Cape Squad
Lancer Hank Declan 2010 Poe Grunts
Team Kimba
Security Auxiliary
Legbreaker 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Lemure Simone Billings 2009 Dickinson Vindicators
Less than Three 20xx Unknown
Leviathan Trevor Martin 20xx Hawthorne
Lifeline Maggie Vincent 2009 Whitman Lit Chix
The Nations
Venus Inc.
Lifter 20xx Twain
Ligeia 20xx Unknown Teaching Assistant - Sirens
Light Ling 20xx Unknown
Lightweight 2010 Dickinson
Link Slim Martin 20xx Twain
Little Bee Horton 201x Unknown Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders Junior High Program
Lodestone Maxine Granger 2011 Unknown Masterminds Was Ironworks
Lone Gunman 20xx Unknown Goobers
Long John 2010 Melville Unstoppable Three
Ultra-Violents: Bigots
Loophole Elaine 'Doc' Nalley 2009 Whitman Team Phoenix
Teaching Assistant - The Prince
Order of the Worn Wrench
Lit Chix
Lovelace 20xx Unknown
Lugwrench 20xx Unknown Goobers
Lupine Stella Woolfe 2010 Hawthorne Lit Chix
The Nations
Lynx 200x Unknown AEGIS Jr
Mace Mason Sterling 2008 Melville Tigers
Macrobiotic Sophia Ferris 20xx Unknown Golden Kids
Madskillz 20xx Unknown
Maggot 20xx Twain UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents
Magni-Girl Steffi Zink 200x Unknown
Majestic June Summers 2008 Melville
Maledicta 20xx Whitman
Mechano Man Steve Tupolo 2010 Twain
Medley 20xx Unknown
Mega-Death Harvey Hastings Calloway 2008 Unknown Order of the Worn Wrench
Megaera 20xx Whitman Faction Three
The Furies
Mega-Boy Gene McDonald 201x Unknown Junior High Program Oldest in Jr. High Program
Temporary Code Name
Mega-Girl Marty 'Megs' Penn 2009 Poe Cape Squad
Memo 2009 Unknown Bookies
Mesmer 20xx Unknown Goobers
Mezzo Janaína Ueda 'Jana' Loncarovik 2009 Whitman Food Service
Faction Three
Miasma Nate Lawrence 20xx Twain Underdogs
Michelangelo Gerald 'Stoner' Sturm 2010 Poe
Mindbird Dale Townsend 2008 Dickinson Wild Pack
Security Auxiliary
Mirror 20xx Twain Faction Three
Mischief Melissa Chambers 2011 Unknown
Mistmonster 2011 Unknown
Miyet Corey Davis 2010 Whitman
Möbius Bartholomew Clarence 2010 Emerson
Mokele' Peter Smith 2008 Poe Tigers
Monkeywrench George 2011 Unknown
Montana Sebastian Terwilliger 2008 Twain Monster Squad
Faction Three
Mr. Mystic Nigel Pennyworth 2008 Unknown Cape Squad
Mugwump 2010 Unknown
Mule Dominic Sellers 2009 Melville Grunts
Wild Bunch
Security Auxiliary
The Nations
Multiplex Tiffany 20xx Dickinson Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders
Murphy Joanne Gunnarson 2010 Poe Lit Chix
Musk Sue Kunque 20xx Hawthorne
Nacht Katrina Margya Joszinya 'Kate' Twardowski 2009 Melville Bad Seeds
Nahga Linda Kirkpatrick 2008 Unknown Power Rangers See note in character sheet.
Nantuko 20xx Unknown Good Ol' Boyz
Nasty Rod Amhurst 2008 Poe
N'Dizi Hakim M'Shulla 2008 Unknown Tigers ex Dragons
Necro 20xx Twain Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents Pledge
Negator Delwin Florian 2010 Twain
Nemesis 2010 Unknown
Nephandus Jean-Armand St. Michel du Chantraine 2009 Twain Bad Seeds
Nero 20xx Unknown
Newt 20xx Twain
Nex Cyril Huntley 2008 Emerson Masterminds
May have been expelled
Nightbane Sarah Gardner 2009 Unknown Goobers
Nightlord 20xx Unknown
Nitro Clarence 20xx Twain Ultra-Violents: Bigots
Nursing Laurie 2009 Whitman Underdogs
Oak 2010 Twain Goobers
Olympia Larisa Killikisaris 2010 Hawthorne
Olympia 2010 Unknown Wants Hive's hive
OMAG Alexander Petrie 2010 Emerson
Omega Alika Faletagola 2008 Poe CORE
Overload Renshaw Egerton 2009 Emerson Golden Kids 'Stimpy' or 'Glitch'
Packrat 20xx Unknown
Pahelee (Puzzle) Revekah Chatterjee 201x Hawthorne Team Awesome! Junior High Program
Palantir Irene Durcell 2011 Melville Three Little Witches
Panzer 20xx Unknown
Paparazzi Abigail Harrington 2008 Melville CORE
Parallax 20xx Unknown Alphas
Pariah 20xx Melville
Peacock Lina Samhurst 2011 Poe
Pearlescent 200x Unknown Golden Kids
Peccary 20xx Unknown
Peeper John 2010 Twain WARS
Pegasus Peggy Lane 2011 Mellville Associate of Star League Jr.
Pejuta Kayda Franks 2010 Poe The Nations
Team Phoenix
Peppercorn 200x Unknown The Don's Faction
Pestilence Ian 2010 Emerson Goths
Phalanx 20xx Unknown Tigers
Phase Ayla Goodkind 2010 Poe Team Kimba
Teaching Assistant - Business Accounting I-IV
Golden Kids
Beret Mafia
Phlegm 20xx Hawthorne
Phoenixfire Ashley Strum 2009 Melville STAR League Jr
Security Auxiliary
Plague Ethan 2009 Emerson That's 'P74gu3'
Plasmoid 20xx Hawthorne
Plastic Girl Jody Cooms 2009 Poe
Ponygirl Sted Lancaster 2010 Whitman Faction Three
Porcelain 2011 Whitman
Pounce Danny (Danica) Franks 2011 Poe The Nations
Powerhouse 2008 Melville Cape Squad
Prism Richard Mills 2010 Emerson New Olympians
Pristine Christine Crosley 20xx Dickinson The Nations
Psydoe Trisha 2010 Whitman
Psymod Mark Willows 2009 Emerson STAR League Jr
Security Auxiliary
Pucelle 20xx Whitman
Punch Evvie Chambers 2010 Poe GhostWalkers
Puppet Melissa Thurber-Goodkind 2009 Hawthorne
Pyrrhic 20xx Unknown Alphas
Pyrs 20xx Unknown
Pythia Althea 20xx Dickinson
Quake 20xx Poe
Quarrel 200x Unknown
Quyèn Nu Thi Linh Phan 2008 Melville Pan-Asia
Rabbinic 20xx Unknown
Rack 20xx Emerson Barricade
Rapier 20xx
Rascal Roger Barrington 200x Unknown Sidhe
Razorback Jack Carlyle 2009 Twain Outcast Corner
Wild Bunch
Security Auxiliary
UltraViolent List
Reach Harlan 'Harley' Sawyer 2010 Melville Spy Kids
Recam 20xx Unknown
Redlight Chet Tran 2010 Unknown Power Cats
Remis 20xx Unknown Goths
Cult of Cthul
Render Raymond Banks 2008 Melville Bad Seeds
Residue 2008 Melville Goths
Reverb Renae Griest 2010 Whitman Lit Chix
Rez Kenya McAllen 2010 Dickinson Spy Kids
Ribbit 2011 Twain Underdogs
Ribbon Alyss Morgan 2011 Poe
Ricochet 20xx Twain
Ricou 20xx Hawthorne
Ringo Vincent Morse 2008 Melville Gearheads
Order of the Worn Wrench
Riptide Elena Neva Natividad Amicella Lucita Obregon 2010 Poe The Nations
Team Kimba Associate
Risk Brandon Fellows 2010 Poe Bookies
Roadrunner 20xx Unknown Good Ol' Boyz
Romulus 20xx Unknown Goths
Cult of Cthul
Rosethorn Romeo LaClavar 2009 Melville Bad Seeds
Rotgrub 20xx Twain Uber-Jocks
Rottie Greg Abernathy 2011 Unknown UltraViolent List
Roulette Amy Maguire 2011 Hawthorne Was in Poe
Roux Jacqueline Sanger 20xx Whitman
RPG Vasiliy 2010 Unknown GhostWalkers
Runestrong 2010 Emerson
Sahar Semiramis Vesmarran 2008 Dickinson ex Spy Kids
Saladin Sayyid ibn Assim ibn Thaqib al Hajj 2008 Unknown Cape Squad
Sanctuary Rhiannon Warrensby 200x Unknown Sidhe
Sapper Erzili 200x Whitman
Sapphire Sapphire Scales 2011 Hawthorne Reverse GSD
Scalpel 20xx Melville
Scapegrace Jessie Harrow 2011 Poe
Scarlet 20xx Unknown
Scintilla 20xx Unknown Cape Squad
Scramble 20xx Twain
Scrambler Joanne Jackie 'JJ' Jendleschmidt 2010 Poe
Screech 20xx Hawthorne Goths
Cult of Cthul
Scythe Alamonte 20xx Unknown UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Fun Fight!
Sectipede Jim Pearce 20xx Twain
Seline 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents: Torture Club
Selkie Heather O'Malley 20xx Poe Lit Chix Sidhe
Semiotic 200x Unknown
Seraphim Kerry Ellison 2010 Dickinson Empire City Guard (Honorary)
Shadowdancer Lillian Deschamps 20xx Whitman Sidhe
Shadowolf Sherman Worth 2010 Unknown Young Turks
Shaper 20xx Unknown
Sharpie Barry Linton 20xx Emerson Underdogs
She-Beast Jadis Daibliku 2009 Melville Bad Seeds
She-Bot Shirley Godwin 2009 Whitman Faction Three
Shifty Morgan Harper 2016 Hawthorne Team Awesome! Junior High Program
'Shine Bobby Earl Fields 2011 Unknown
Shove Julia/Julie Krets 2009 Poe
Shrike Della Havelock 2008 Poe
Shroud Jinn Sinclair 2010 Poe Team Kimba
Faction Three
Shuttle 2010 Unknown Tigers
Sigil 200x Poe
Silence Gina Haskins 20xx Unknown
Silhouette 20xx Unknown
Silo Tom 20xx Unknown Facilities "Hayseed"
Silver Rose Sylvia Litton 2009 Melville Alphas
Wild Watusi
Silver Serpent Laurel Hua 2008 Melville Pan-Asia
Bad Seeds
Silver Wing 20xx Twain Not Silverwing
Silver Sakti Chandrasekhar 2010 Whitman
Silvermoon 200x Whitman Goobers
Silverwing Clark Langston 2009 Unknown
Sizemax Pamela Henry 2009 Whitman Vindicators
Sizzle Darcy Dreyer 2009 Melville Golden Kids
Team Whalers
Skids Ellen Tremain 2010 Dickinson Gearheads
Skillset 20xx Unknown
Skinner 20xx Twain Faction Three
Skinwalker Scott Harrison 2010 Twain The Nations
Skipjack 20xx Unknown
Skybolt Elaine Schroepfer 2008? Melville ex Alpha
Recovering from Hekate's spell
Slab Dean Lundy 2009 Hawthorne Monster Squad
Slapdash Dale Carson 2009 Melville Grunts
Parkour Hooligans
Slapshot 20xx Unknown The Nations
Slash Lester Bobienski 20xx Unknown
Sledge Lafayette Powell 2009 Unknown Tigers
Smoke Test 20xx Unknown
Solange Tansy Walcutt 2008 Dickinson Alphas
Venus Inc.
Sonex Rafael Eagan 2008 Poe
Spade 20xx Unknown
Spandex Bobby Villemare 2008 Unknown Ninjas
Spark Genevieve 'Jenny' Etincelle 2010 Dickinson Beret Mafia
Spellbinder Friday Coleman 2008 Melville Elite League
Sphere Dana Evalynn Martin 2011 Poe
Spinner 20xx Unknown Tigers
Spoof 20xx Hawthorne
Spooky Wendy Soames 2010 Unknown Cape Squad
Stalwart Paul Cambridge 2009 Emerson
Starbright Traci Hoffman 2011 Unknown
Static Girl Claire Pierce 2008 Hawthorne
Stiletto 20xx Melville
Stinger 20xx Unknown Tigers
Stonebear Theo Waller 2009 Unknown Wild Pack
Security Auxiliary
The Nations
Stopwatch Niles Ridgely 2009 Unknown Masterminds
"The Bomb Squad"
Stormwolf Adam Ironknife 2008 Unknown Wild Pack
Security Auxiliary
The Nations
Stretch 20xx Unknown Elite League
Striatura Blu
(Blue Streak)
Christina Violante 2011 Poe
Strongarm Lakeson 20xx Unknown UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Stronghold Stephen William 'Steve' Nalley 2010 Twain
Stryff 2011 Whitman
Stunner Daphne Bosworth 2008 Melville Tigers
Stygian Michael Weatherson 2008 Melville New Olympians
Succubus 20xx Unknown
Sunshine Kayleigh Dutchendorf 20xx Unknown
Superchick Misty Cooley 2009 Melville Wondercute
Superior Marvin "MK" Uberman 20xx Melville
Sweetheart Gwen Ingleside 2010 Melville Young Turks
Switchblade 2011 Unknown
Swoop 2010 Dickinson Elite League
The Nations
Young Turks
Swordmaiden Jillian Wilkinson 200x Unknown Goobers "Jilly"
Swordmaster 2008 Unknown "Jedi Academy"
Sylene 20xx Whitman Freakshow
Synergy 20xx Unknown May not still be in school
Systemic 20xx Unknown UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Torturers
Tabby Abigail Dunne Kitteridge 2009 Unknown Golden Kids
Tagger 20xx Unknown Ultra-Violents: Torturers
Talos Evangelos Geronyas 2009 Melville Alphas
Wild Watusi
ex Beret Mafia
Tangent Betsy Farnsworth 2008 Dickinson
Tarmac 2009 Emerson Barricade
Taser Ginger Harris 20xx Unknown Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders
Techno-Devil Malachi Daibliku 2010 Unknown Bad Seeds
Techwolf Harry Wolfe 2010 Twain Facilities
Team Kimba Associate
Tee-Kay Kravitz 20xx Twain Ultra-Violents: Bigots
Telomer 20xx Unknown
Teke Shawn Grace 2011 Poe
Tempest Sharisha Kincaid 2010 Poe
Tennyo Billie Wilson 2010 Poe Team Kimba
Tesla Louise 2009 Whitman Barricade
The Don Sebastiano Lorenz Valensuera y Ramirez 2008 Melville The Don's Faction ex Alphas
The Man Called Vengeance Larry Damone 20xx Unknown Good Ol' Boyz
Thorn Kevin O'Rourke 200x Unknown Sidhe
Thrasher Nathan Thurston 2009 Melville Bad Seeds
Parkour Hooligans
Sk8er B0is
Threadbare 20xx Unknown
Thuban Stephen Cheng Lee 2009 Twain Faction Three
Golden Kids
Thud Bill Henderson 2011 Unknown Bad Boyz
Thunderbird Scott Emerson 2009 Emerson Barricade
The Nations
Thunderdrake Colin 2009 Unknown Dragons
Thunderfox Diana Ritter 2008 Unknown Wild Pack
Security Auxiliary
Timeless James Bourne 2010 Emerson Whateley Administration Temporary codename
Tink Teri 2011 Unknown
Tinkertrain Mandi Carter 20xx Unknown
Tisiphone Alberta 'Alexis' Waldner 20xx Whitman Faction Three
The Furies
Was Fireball
Tomcat 20xx Twain
Tracer Sean Collins 2008 Twain New Olympians
Troika 20xx Poe
Truck 20xx Twain Ultra-Violents: Bigots
Tweak Linda Fowler 2009 Dickinson A Romeo ex
Unbreakable 20xx Unknown
Unicorn Brenda Matherson 2008 Melville AEGIS Jr
Golden Kids
Unstoppable 2011 Unknown
Upgrade 20xx Unknown Cape Squad
Uproar 200x Unknown Golden Kids
Valkyrie 20xx Unknown Dream Team
Vamp Alex O'Brien 2010 Poe Bad Seeds (sort of) Children of the Night - Former
Verdant Pilar 2010 Poe
Vipra 2009 Melville
Vortex 20xx Unknown Barricade
Voodude Jon Homer 2011 Poe
Vox Vanessa Jackson 2010 Poe Team Kimba Associate
Vulpine 2011 Unknown The Nations
Wakanda Mariselle 2010 Unknown Tigers
Wallflower Lily Paige Turner 2009 Poe STAR League Jr
Teaching Assistant - Flight I
Cape Squad
Security Auxiliary
Team Kimba Associate
Warfist 200x Unknown
Washout Mindy 200x Dickinson Underdogs
Weaver 20xx Unknown Dream Team
Wendigo 2011 Unknown The Nations
Whisper Brianna Peters 2010 Whitman Grunts Sidhe
Whoosh 20xx Unknown Speedster
Widget 2009 Dickinson
Wind Runner Doli Peshkali 20xx Dickinson The Nations
Wingnut 200x Unknown Possibly graduated
Winter Marian Kilgarren-Donnehammer 2009 Melville Bad Seeds
Witchcat 20xx Unknown
Wizard Albert Griffin 20xx Unknown
Worm 20xx Unknown Faction Three
Wunderkind Greta 20xx Dickinson Beret Mafia
Wyrd 2009 Unknown Goths
X-O Tara Hardy 2010 Poe
Yellow Queen Patricia Horton 200x Melville Alphas
Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders
Zaiyan 2009 Unknown Power Rangers
Zappaphage 20xx Unknown
Zenith Zoe Nesmith 2008 Poe Team Phoenix
Parkour Hooligans
Zephyr Constance Mallory 200x Unknown Sidhe
Zhong Lau 2009 Unknown Dragons
Zip 20xx Unknown Power Cats
Zoom 20xx Dickinson
Ted Alworth 20xx Unknown
Gillian Anderson 2011 Whitman Handmaid's Own
Fran Barnes 20xx Unknown Groundskeeping
Cheryl Blake 2011 Whitman
Tabatha Ericka Bolton 20xx Whitman
Dani Choudhari 20xx Unknown Was Folder
Suzan Chylds 20xx Dickinson Russel High School
Josephine 'Jo' Donner 2010 Dickinson The Nations
Sk8er B0is
Medawihla Tribe
Archibald Fenster 20xx Unknown
Kevin Garrett 20xx Unknown
Josie Gillman 2010 Dickinson
Ollie Hatchel 20xx Twain
Carolyn Hatfield 20xx Unknown
Hoffman 20xx Unknown
Akemi Hori 20xx Unknown Power Rangers His codename is not pronounceable by Fubar
Skylar Howes 2008 Poe
Carl Jimenez 20xx Unknown
Michael King 2011 Unknown
Miki Koizumi 2011 Unknown
Regina Lambert 2010 Dickinson
Miranda Nichole Mahren 2015 Hawthorne Team Awesome! Junior High Program
Mina Maxwell 2011 Whitman
Erzebet Novak 2010 Dickinson
Owens 20xx Unknown
Cassandra Phelps 20xx Unknown
Amber Prentice 20xx Melville
Preston 20xx Unknown
Alex Preswick-Walcutt 20xx Twain
Konrad Radu 2010 Unknown
Robert Rose 2010 Unknown Wants the codename Thorn
Steve Rossiter 2008 Poe
Elle Ruud 2011 Dickinson Sidhe
Ross Seper 20xx Twain
Casey Steele 2008 Whitman
Buck Swift 2010 Unknown 'Boy of Tomorrow'
Alice Tennyson 20xx Unknown
Tyler 20xx Unknown
Amelie Vitesse 2011 Melville
Matt Walker 2010 Unknown
Lynn West 20xx Unknown The Nations
Myron Westchester 20xx Unknown
Belphoebe Blackadar-Wilkins 2010 Melville Bad Seeds
Drow Collective
Jobe Wilkins 2010 Twain Bad Seeds
Drow Collective
Order of the Worn Wrench
Ally 200x Whitman
Angelique 20xx Whitman
Basimah 20xx Dickinson
Bill 20xx Unknown ex Vindicators
Brenda 20xx Unknown
Brittany 2010 Melville
Bubba 20xx Hawthorne
Carlie 20xx Dickinson
Casey 20xx Unknown
Charles 20xx Unknown
Chris 20xx Unknown
Christina 2010 Melville
Dani 20xx Whitman Not Dani Choudhari
Debbie 20xx Unknown
Delwin 20xx Unknown Works in the bookstore
Emily 20xx Unknown
Emma 2010 Melville
Erissa 20xx Unknown
Evan 201x Living with Ms. Grimes The Nations Junior High Program
Gabriel 2010 Poe
Geri 2010 Melville
Glen 20xx Unknown Food Service
Grace 20xx Unknown ex Vindicators
Janice 20xx Dickinson
Jeff 2010 Poe
Jeff 20xx Unknown Groundskeeping
Julius 20xx Unknown
Kandy 20xx Dickinson
Kelly 20xx Poe
Ken 20xx Unknown Dragons
Kenny 2010 Poe
Kristen 20xx Unknown
Larry 20xx Unknown ex Vindicators
Laura 20xx Melville
Lexi 2011 Poe
Lissa 20xx Poe
Lucille 20xx Whitman Underdogs "Mom" Codename is likely Wiggle
Mary 2011 Unknown Tink's roommate
Melanie 2010 Melville
Nathan 2009 Melville Stratosphere Siblings
Rachael 2010 Dickinson
Raj 20xx Unknown Dragons
Ricardo 2011 Poe
Robert 20xx Unknown
Ron 20xx Unknown
Simon 20xx Unknown
Steve 20xx Unknown Vamp's "boytoy."
Sue 20xx Unknown Underdogs
Tammy 200x Poe
Teddy 2009 Unknown Underdogs
Theresa 2010 Melville Stratosphere Siblings
Thomas 2009 Melville Stratosphere Siblings
Tina 2010 Unknown
Trish 2008 Whitman Underdogs Codename is likely Dismiss
Trixie 2011 Unknown
Vickie 2010 Melville
Vincent 2010 Unknown
Will 20xx Unknown Underdogs
Willie 20xx Unknown UltraViolent List
Ultra-Violents: Pain Givers
Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents
Zoe 20xx Unknown
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