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Bert Walker Jr., code name Fantastico, is leader of the Good Ol' Boyz, and a Melville Cottage junior as of the 2006-2007 school year, "just like Imperious". He is also called F-man or Big F.[1]

He grew up in Texas and his father Bert Walker Sr is owner of Walker Beef.[1] His appearance is "tall dark and handsome".

Fantastico is an exemplar-6 and energizer-3 with Superman-like heat vision.[1]

He has a warrior in World of Warcraft.

Fantastico leaned back and drawled, “Okay boys, what’s all the fuss ‘at I gotta get dragged away from World o’ Warcraft right when I was ‘bout ta smack down a whole shitload o’ trolls?” He was really pleased with his warrior guy, since he’d paid Ferret and a couple other nerds to do enough level grinding to turn his player character into a freaking powerhouse.[1]


"... You saw what she did to Fantastico.”