First Imp-ressions is the fourth Imp story written by Morpheus, but may be seen as "Imp 0" due to being essentially a prequel. It was published on 07 August 2015. The story is told as flashbacks of Imp's childhood, manifestation, and the start of her criminal career with Frank Cowan and his gang of thieves.

In publishing order, it follows An Imp-Perfect World and is followed by Imp 4: A Teacher's Tail.

In chronological order, The Art of Being the Imp would be the next story.


This story is different from most, in that we mainly only get the years and locations of events, not precise dates:

Buffalo, New York, 1970Edit

Candice is eight years old. She's planning to use a plunger on Randolph, the family dog. Her brother Daniel makes an appearance.

Buffalo, New York, 1977Edit

For 10 sections

Manhattan, New York, May 30th, 2007Edit

Imp finds out about the death of Thomas Washington, a.k.a Fingers. And also thinks about Darren Atwood

Characters Edit

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