Marie Schultz, code name Flashbang, is a devisor specializing in plasma weapons and similar. She frequently hangs out with her lab partner, Tinkertrain.

According to Flashbang, she and Tinkertrain were working on a project to develop a non-lethal weapon system for a DoD contract competition during the Winter 2007 semester.[1] Since the winning system for such a contract must be reproducible, it implies that one or both of them may also be a Gadgeteer as well as (or instead of) a Devisor.

She's a Junior as of April 2007.[2]


She shares a table with Tinkertrain at the Weapons Fair .[3]

She has Cpl. Mahren check out a weapon she's built.[4]

She's referenced in a number of stories.[5][6][7]

She is part of the evaluating board for the Order of the Worn Wrench advancement hearings in April 2007.[2]


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