Collin Reynolds, codename Flytrap, is a Whateley student from Seattle. He shares a room in Emerson Cottage with Fixx and has a warper power that can trap people in place.

History Edit

Collin Reynolds was a low level exemplar attending high school in Seattle. Along with his best friend Mike, he used to try bullying Adam Wylann due to Adam's father's job with the MCO. They were not very successful as Adam usually escaped handily. The one time they manged to force Adam into a fight, Adam swiftly dispatched Collin and then ran away.

At some point Collin joined what he thought to be a mutant support group which instead turned out to be a burgeoning terrorist organization led by the mutants Slippery and Vindigo. After helping them capture Absinthe and realizing they intended to kill her, Collin turned against his compatriots and helped Absinthe escape, capturing Slippery for the MCO in the process. Absinthe convinced the MCO not to prosecute Collin, and after collusion between Absinthe's father and Collin's aunt, the two traveled to Whateley together.[1]


An Exemplar 2[2], Collin is tall and athletic.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Collin's warper ability extends a sparkly field over the ground he's standing on which prevents both teleportation and the movement of everybody but himself.[1] The field shuts the field off if he loses contact with the ground. It has a normal radius of five meters, though he can briefly extend it further, and he has some control over the field's shape as well.[2] Additionally, Collin can sense the position of anybody trapped upon it.[3]


Classes Edit

Fall 2007 Edit


References Edit

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