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Patrick Ollie Stiles, code name Folder, is a warper with the power to bend anything, and some other warping abilities. He also seems to know at least some minor spells. His story is A Single Fold; he's mentioned briefly as having died in several other stories.

He's a Legacy Melville student.

He weighs around 300 lbs and is a devout pacifist, which is interesting since he's rooming with Mule of the Grunts in Melville Cottage.

As said in his story, using his powers in a direct attack, dubbed "the corona effect":

"had happened once when she was angry with a childhood friend. The childhood friend was not as severally effected, but it had left a mark on Pat emotionally.”
“Which would explain her determined stance on non-violence,” Ms. Carson shook her head, “guilt is a terrible burden.”

During his story, he's attacked mystically, causing him to become female, and to lose a considerable amount of weight; she's hot, in a Desi style. The administration decides it would be safer if he was officially "dead", so he becomes Anandani "Dani" Kumari Choudhari, the adopted "niece" of workshop instructor Tejal Choudhari.

He is an extremely convicted pacifist and has beliefs based on a number of eastern religions, most notably Buddhism and Hinduism. His favorite saying is "Thus endeth the lesson."

As Dani there is an appearance during the Halloween invasion. Dani has created a dragon which swallows a number of Tiger Guards whole, and uses a non-functional stomach as a holding cell. This occurs in front of Dickinson Cottage.[1]


Fall 2006[]


  • Family
    • Mr. Stiles (Father)
    • Mrs. Stiles (Mother)
    • Stiles Grandfather (Wanted Folder to be his male successor. Unhappy about his sex change.)