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Natalie Foster in her civilian personae.

Natalie Foster[1] (Gen 2) (Outside Whateley), a seventeen year old devisor, currently living alone in Phoenix, Arizona. A former budding musician, she is trying to begin a career as a supervillain and weapons dealer.

She was created by Domoviye.


Forte is a triple amputee, her legs terminate at her mid-thighs, and her right arm ends a few inches from the shoulder. Her legs, arm and the right side of her torso are covered in burn scars, apparently from an explosion[2] a mutant attack a year and a half before.[3]

She has developed her own devised prosthetic arm and legs, allowing her to live a normal life. These are a grey metallic "sonic-metal", with glowing yellow lines along the surface, which give off faint musical notes when she uses them. She is able to alter her right hand to create talons by whistling.

She has a messy pixie cut, and typically dresses like a punk, hiding her prosthetic arm with long sleeves and a glove, while constantly wearing tights, leggings or pants to conceal her legs.

She frequently uses wigs, makeup, and clothes to alter her appearance when committing crimes.

She started out with at least three suits of 'sonic-metal', that are concealed in coats and a vest. When she whistles, the metal flows over her body and head. One of them gives her an inhuman appearance.

Forte whistled. The beads on her jacket popped off revealing sonic metal which covered the lining of her coat. Her wig was pushed off by the flowing metal that formed a helmet over her head. Her left arm gained a clawed gauntlet and armour all along it. Her cybernetic arm was covered in twisted strands of metal and her fingers grew to reach her knees becoming supple and whip-like. The crowd backed away in shock and fear.

Later she breaks her two largest sets of armour and creates a single much stronger type of armour that she conceals in a backpack. It has a forearm blade on the right arm, and a buckler on the left.


Natalie is from somewhere in Arizona and seemingly a musical prodigy. When she was fourteen, she took part in a summer course for a limited number of young Arizona musicians, at Phoenix University. At fifteen she visited the Yale School of Music with her parents, and met several professors who told her to apply as soon as she finished high school. That same year she participated in the Young Musicians Concert, and was invited back for the next year.

Sometime between then and turning seventeen, she had an accident that made her a triple amputee. This left her unable to practice music at her previous skill level even with her devised prosthetic. From how she acts when bathing, she is clearly uncomfortable with her disability, trying to not look at her limbs or burns as she washes.

It's unclear when she manifested. But as of 2016-10-13 when she arrived in Phoenix, she had several devised weapons, including her prosthetics.[1]

Since arriving in Phoenix, she has had three run in's with the hero Jackalope[1][2], met two members of the Phoenix Warriors, Mogollon Monster and Sun Hawk while in disguise[1], and fought Sun Hawk possibly killing or seriously injuring her.[2]

She has also met The Cannibal, much to her displeasure, nearly dying in the encounter, only surviving when he let her go after questioning.[3] He has taken a liking to her, making her his new project.[2]


A level 4 devisor with a focus on sonics.[2] Her devises seem fairly stable, with the majority able to work for months without breaking down.

She has developed several weapons and devises that she commonly uses. Keeping them powered appears to be a problem, as she has to deal with both her arm and armour running low after only a few uses.

  • Sonic-Metal: What she uses for her armour, prosthetics and some of her smaller devises. A metal that can alter its shape when she whistles. It is bullet proof but needs padding to prevent severe bruising.
  • Legs and arm: their movement looks completely natural, and provides detailed feedback. Her hand and feet can shift to gain talons. She can enhance their strength, but it drains the battery extremely quickly. They chime as she walks, and the glowing lines on the surface clearly mark them as devises.[3]
  • Boomer: A one shot grenade like weapon, and a similar system is built into her armour. It causes bones and organs to vibrate, inducing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Shriek: A one shot grenade like weapon. Pops eardrums and causes incapacitating headaches.
  • Sleeper: A short range toy like pistol, as well as a devise built into her hand. If her hand touches a persons head, it can knock them out for several minutes.
  • Electronic Knockout: Built into her hand, it creates a high pitched whine that destroys electronics. It can be used to destroy all the cameras and lights along a hallway, or a much quieter level can destroy a GPS tracker without anyone, except Forte, noticing.
  • Sonic cannon: built into her newest armour, that is fired from her right hand. It flares brightly before firing.[3]
  • Sleeper Tactical Whip: A 48 inch long tactical whip that has been modified to put people to sleep if it hits their head.[2]


Forte puts out a facade of being tough and in control when she has a chance to prepare. Acting like a tough supervillain to criminals, and pretending to be unconcerned when facing a superhero. But when caught by surprise she is easily tongue-tied, becomes a terrible liar, and mostly just tries her best to avoid revealing anythings he shouldn't.

She hums when uncomfortable or nervous.

She made a joke about being suicidally depressed a year ago, which from her actions and thoughts that bounce between being confident and determined to bittersweet and full of regret, is quite possible.[1] Some of the things she says to a criminal as a threat seems to be from personal experience.[3]

You'll spend your life in the hospital, having nurses bathe you, changing your diaper, feeding you with a spoon, carrying you from your bed to your wheelchair like a helpless, little, baby. Everyone who sees you will look at you with pity, or disgust, wondering what you did, to deserve becoming a useless, wretched creature. And every minute of your life, you'll wish you had died cleanly and painlessly.”

She loves music, playing a harp for a young boy, and explaining a bit about the instrument.[1]

She seems conflicted about her goals, arguing with herself over several moral problems, especially when a murder was committed by one of her buyers.[3]

She hates her disability, frequently thinking and talking about how she wanted to be a musician. She also tries to avoid looking at her scars, and has called herself a 'pitiful, limbless freak'.[3] This is pointed out when she visits Doc Morris, due to a bad rash on her stumps[2].

She has anxiety about hospitals and a phobia of getting further amputations.[2]


She has at least two big weaknesses.

The biggest problem is powering her devises. They seem to run out of power quickly when used for anything beyond basic use. When she put on her new armour and then took it off, it used most of a fully charged battery. And after a short but intense fight her legs were virtually dead from lack of power.[3]

Her second problem is having the prosthetics. The sonic-metal is very distinctive, making her cover them up whenever in public, which considering she's in Arizona looks very odd. She also has to remove them to wash, and presumably when asleep, which leaves her almost helpless and immobile.


  • Making A Noise In The World Part 1, 2 and 3.
  • Brief appearance in Fire Over Phoenix Part 1.



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