Fracas (no real name known) is a student who's trying to court She-Beast. She isn't having any of it. He lives in Twain Cottage and comes from Australia. His power set isn't known.


Fracas appears, carrying Jobe Wilkins' luggage and tries to add himself to the Bad Seeds' party that's going to Karedonia for their Christmas vacation. Jobe runs him off.[1]

She-Beast and several other of the Bad Seeds discuss Fracas.[2]

Lindsay saw, from experience, that this was going nowhere on a nasty road, so she changed the subject. “Okay, okay, maybe Fracas isn’t your cup of tea- big, muscular, friendly, folksy-” she said with a sigh.
“-Fosters-swilling lager-lout,” I cut in. “Playing fucking Paul Hogan with both hands.”


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