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Fractious - art by E.E. Nalley

Dee "O.C. Dee" Castle, code name Fractious, is a warper (WA-4) who can create ruptures in reality and fracture objects. She has a serious case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Her previously effective medications quit working when she emerged as a mutant. She's almost stereotypically Jewish. She does notice things, and is almost as good as Sherlock Holmes (or maybe Nancy Drew) at seeing what's there and drawing conclusions from it.

Her obsessive/compulsive disorder involves a cleanliness fetish and the almost uncontrollable tendency to list things out to absurd levels of detail.

She's a member of the Lit Chix, and is Diane Castle's avatar in the club.

She appears in most Lit Chix adventures.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

She was kicked out of Survival I for being too disruptive.[8]

She managed to get a 'C' in her combat final.[8]

The Underdogs discuss her MID.[9]

Her roommate situation is confused. She's reportedly had five roommates in her first term: Psydoe, Gavotte, Angelique, Dani and Jo Donner, however some of the cottages don't seem to match.[8]


MID as of 2006-12-13:[8]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings Warper - 4
Techniques Reality warping
Incremental fractures
Medium fractures
Large-scale fractures
Level 1 ruptures
Level 2 ruptures
Level 3 ruptures
Level 4 ruptures
Level 1 splintering
Level 2 splintering
Level 3 s//
Weak vs normal human vulnerabilities
level 1 avatars
level 2 avatars
level 3 avatars
level 4 avatars
level 5 avatars
level 6 avatars
level 1 devisers
level 2 devisers
level 3 devisers
level 4 devisers
Backup / Team Affiliation Whitman Literary Girls
  • The extended Techniques and Weaknesses section are a side-effect of her OCD. As she put it once, "she was pretty sure she was the only Whateley student the MCO representative had ever asked to stop writing more stuff down."


Fall 2006[]

Spring 2007[]

  • Some course with meditation.[8]