Baird Frobisher, whose code name may or may not be Froggy, has a serious case of GSD . He's a warper who is able to create tears in the fabric of space, but can't do much with them. He's also pretty powerful. Contrary to what one would expect, he has a voice that a professional actor would envy.

Following his gaze, Kerry looked toward the door, which was almost filled with a large, wide-shouldered form. Having seen some in the tunnels, Kerry recognized that the boy (she assumed that it was a boy) had a pronounced case of GSD. He was still humanoid, but what showed through his clothing didn’t look human. He was tall enough that he had to duck his head to get through the door, and he had a Pro Wrestler’s physique. That is, if Pro Wrestlers were hunchbacked and had arms that reached down past their knees. The head that jutted forward from the massive shoulders was blue, hairless and was either frog-like or reptilian, depending on your perspective. He didn’t seem to have any lips, and his skin was ‘pebbly’, like a Gila Monster, with horny projections here and there. He was wearing bib overalls, the sort that Kerry recognized were favored by ‘very, very, very big people’ (i.e., either morbidly obese or so abnormally over-muscled that nothing else would fit), a very bulky hand-knit sweater, and boots that looked like they’d been inexpertly stitched together just to fit him. The hands that stuck out of the sweater’s sleeves were massive, larger than most people’s heads, with claws at the ends of the fingers, and there were horny spurs jutting forward from the backs of his hands. He stepped completely into the room and faced the other kids. Despite the unreadable stoicism of his face, Kerry felt a mixture of keen anxiety, despair and frustration from him.[1]


His introduction to Whateley.[1]

He's accosted by an unidentified group of bullies,[2] who are subsequently identified as Bloodwolf and his pack of Ultra-Violents.[3]


Winter 2007Edit



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