There are two Frostbites at Whateley, one in Hawthorne, and one in Melville. There's a discussion about it in Legacy of Friendship, but that also has problems with class standing. According to Frosty's story, this is her second year at Whateley.


Frostbite "Frosty" (no real name known) has a psychokinetic talent attuned to water molecules. She can suck the energy out of them. She has essentially no control, and her energy drain tends to turn everything around her to ice.[1][2] She's susceptible to the cold, so she's been out sick a lot, which has impacted upon her math skills. Her backstory places her as a sophomore, based upon time at Whateley.

She has to stay pretty close to her room in Hawthorne Cottage, and take classes by remote. Her room is equipped with industrial grade dehumidifiers to help prevent ice buildup. Unfortunately, the fire suppression system is water sprinklers, resulting in her room being coated in ice on all surfaces when Olympia had an electrical storm seizure.

She has a cat plushie named Mister Mew-Mew.

She dreams of living someplace hot and dry, like the Mojave Desert.

Ayla has been tutoring her in math, trying to give her a firm grounding in the things she missed while out sick.

She built an ice wall to block Spoof's monsters when they attacked.[3]

[Hazmat, Ergonomic, and Mega-Death] built a Halon system for Frostbite so she doesn’t have a water-based fire control system in her room anymore. And it’s not a hundred percent breathable, but it’s a Halon variant that won’t hurt her, even if she inhales it for a minute or two.”[4]



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Frostbite rooms with Silver Rose in Melville Cottage.[6] She appears to be a sophomore; she rooms with a sophomore, and Legacy of Friendship says she's a sophomore, but it is way off on Frosty's grade so not a good source. No information is given as to her powers.


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