Right Reverend Doctor Gabriel Thorne "is sort of a second echelon Reverend Al Sharpton, which means that he’s a fourth echelon Jesse Jackson, who was involved with the Gloria Conrack affair. Anyway, he called a big news conference and started making noises about blowing off the lid on the Baltimore Police Department's secret deals, and Justice for Gloria and things like that. He went around forming demonstrations, meeting with City Hall and police department officials, circulating petitions, and things like that."[1]

Chaka said that "Thorne made a lot of noise, and got a few bullshit ‘community programs’ that mostly benefitted some of his cronies, but nothing really happened that cleared Gloria in any, or had any impact on how things were really done. The Rev spent most of the night shaking the people there down for ‘donations’. And that’s the real point - the Right Reverend Doctor Gabriel Thorne wasn’t in the business of making things better for his fellow African-Americans. He was in the business of making affluent White folks feel guilty about being White, and affluent Black people guilty about being affluent. He’d hear about at rival situation where an African American was involved somehow, come in, stir things up, get people all worked up, and then hit them up for Guilt Money. Basically, he told people that they were bad, and if they gave him money, that he’d go away and they could feel better.""[1]


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