There is also a superhero named Galaxy Girl who is a member of the Amazing Three. This page is about the Whateley student.

Alisha ?, code name Galaxy, is Miyet's roommate in Whitman Cottage. She's from San Francisco.

She didn’t have to wait long as a girl with what looked to be the night sky for skin came into the room. Her hair was white and her eyes looked like swirling galaxies.[1]
Galaxy does have a type of GSD, given that she looks like someone shoved the Universe into human form. Sadly her powers are no where near that epic. she is an Exemplar, has flight, can do just fine in Vacuum, some PK, some Warper, and can to a trick she calls a "perspective shift," which is a mental attack that makes you experience your own life in relation to everything. Neat stuff, but mostly midrange stuff. She also grew up wanting to be an Astronaut.[2]


She appears in Miyet's origin story.[1]

She's mentioned during the Syndicate attack on Whateley.[3]



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