Molly Harrington, code name Gateway, is the Summoner and Bladedancer's soul mate.


MID as of 2006-12-14:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name GATEWAY
Ratings Mage-2
Techniques Gates
Magical Spells
Weak vs Physical Attacks
Backup / Team Affiliation None


Molly is fairly shy. She hangs out with Team Kimba to be close to Bladedancer.

Rythax is a large, winged black cat-thing. He's capable of changing his size to be small, cute and cuddly. He is (or rather was) an Ambassador in the Five Fold Court. He and Aunghadhail know each other.


She has mousy brown hair, worn in two pony tails. She also wears glasses.

Her costume during the Combat Finals was a brown pants suit without the coat with a tie, with a trench coat over top of it. She made use of a masking charm that altered her appearance to observers.[1]


She's a Mage and a Warper. During the ambush by the Young Turks she manifested a gateway to the pocket dimension where Ambassador Rythax had been imprisoned during the Sundering.

Her gateway has been described as a "gaping hole in the air".[2]

She can teleport by traveling through one portal into another.[3]

She has used a portal as a way to block projectiles by sending them into a pocket dimension.[4]

Her specialty is Summoning, and she has very little difficulty summoning a large variety of creatures using the gateway she names herself after.

Mr. Langford identifies her gateway as a means of moving from one place to another; now she can create a portal through which she can travel to other locations![3]


This is partial

On, 2007-01-18 she summons an Undine and Igniarli.[5]

She summons Igniarli when she, Chou and others are destroying the circle where Hekate met her Master.[5]

On January 23 she learned that she can also use this gateway to teleport.[3]

Irritated by Jericho, she is instrumental in forming Wondercute, taking a lead position.[6] Let the enemies of Cute beware! Kawaii!



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