Gator was an Exemplar 5 who looked like an alligator-man hybrid. Circe uses him as an example of why one does not attempt to use magic to change BITs.

Mages and psis have tried altering people’s BITs, with essentially no complete successes, and a number of truly hideous failures. Even the partial successes usually have something drastically unpleasant happen. The classic example of that was The Gator, a superhero of the 1990’s who was, by your current system, probably an Exemplar-5 and looked like a gator-man hybrid…”
Oh God. The Gator. I knew where this story was going. Everyone knew this one. It had been in all the papers for days, back in 2001. Mother had fussed about it for months.
She continued, as if she hadn’t caught my huge flinch. “He talked Doctor Homunculus and Magistare into trying a spell to change his BIT, and it was a disaster. They did change his BIT. They changed him so that he looked like a handsome, six-foot-tall man. But he changed into a man with the strength of an Exemplar-5, the appetite of an Energizer-6, and the mind of an alligator. He went on a cannibalistic rampage through Miami and Fort Lauderdale that ended with his being killed by two teams of the Knights of Purity just as he was about to break into a dorm of college girls in the middle of the University of Miami campus.”[1]


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