The Whateley Academy Automotive Club, commonly referred to as the Gearheads/Gear Heads, meets in Devisor Lab (Vehicle) under Kane Hall.[1] These are the folks who enjoy working on cars, and trying to tweak them to be the best they possibly can, using both existing technologies and anything they can develop. They put the 'advanced' in advanced technologies. In addition, members of the Gearheads are the only students who are allowed to have cars on campus other than those enrolled in appropriate courses.[2][3] The Faculty Sponsor is Melvin Donner, the shop teacher.[3]

Their latest project car, as of Spring '07, is a 34 Ford flat head V8, the same year, make and model of the car Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow drove.[4]


Gen 1Edit

  • Peelout - does not appear in any stories to date.

Class of 2007Edit

Class of 2008Edit

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2010Edit

Gen 2Edit

Class of 2017Edit

  • J Dean - Justin - Melville senior RA[8]
  • - Quinn

Class of 2020Edit

Unknown ClassEdit

  • - Owen[8]
  • - Malcolm[8]
  • - Janis - the Boxer girl???[8]
  • - Nelson[8]


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