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Gladys Wilkins is a middle-aged member of the Wilkins family.[1][2]


She runs a, as She-Beast says it, "an absolutely top-flight, five-star, A-list, ‘gee, don’t you wish that YOU lived this well?’ old folks’ home"[1], and uses a criminal-serving / "discreet off the books clinic"[2] to fund it.


Side character[]

Minor character[]

Physical Description[]

The first impression Valentina had of the doctor was how small she was, and how much she reminded her of a gnome. She had gray hair mixed in among the brown. Her back was hunched. And her features pinched tight, with a large hawkish nose. With eyes that were heavy-lidded, she had a beady, narrow look. Her weak chin adding to the effect, making her look predatory, like a weasel stalking a mouse.[2]