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Gloria Everett, code name Gloriana/Glorianna, is the reigning queen of the Cape Squad. She's an energizer specializing in light effects, and has a knack called a "Glory Burst" that has subliminal effects. She's also a major exemplar, and one of the most beautiful girls on campus. She's also in love with Pendragon, the head of the Cape Squad.

The queen of this social circle was, undoubtedly, Gloria Everett a long, regal blonde with svelte curves and the easy grace of someone who was beautiful, knew she was beautiful, and didn’t let that keep her from being a nice person.[1]

While she appears in several stories, the only major appearances to date are in No Beast So Fierce and its sequel, Saks and Violence.

She was a candidate for Alpha Female, 2007-01-20.[2] After graduation, she will go to the Sorbonne.

Personal History[]

Gloria ‘Gloriana’ Everett had been a chubby and unappealing girl before her Exemplar trait kicked in.[3]


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