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Juanita Havier, code name Go-Go, is a speedster. Everywhere except between the ears: it took her a year to figure out why everyone was snickering over her previous code name of "Quickie." She can run at 89.7 mph for 90 miles, but not while she's carrying anything substantial.


She's in Jade's arrival story (and probably the rest of Team Kimba's).[1]

She drops in on Angel and Lily while Lily is preparing for a date.[2]

Wallflower secures a plane ticket so Angel can accompany her back to her great-uncle's funeral; Angel was her roommate before Wallflower moved in.[3]

She was part of the battle with the Monkey King.[4]

Go-Go is apparently addicted to Honeydew Lollipops, because she wanted the shopping expedition to Boston to bring some back for her.[5]

Go-Go gives Hippolyta a lollipop during a break from Hippy getting to know Carmilla better. Much better.[6]