Calvin Bineman, code name Golden Knight, is Cincinnati's main superhero and a member of SPECTRUM. The Golden Knight is actually a legacy identity, baseline "tech-head" Calvin merely the latest holder, and the "Knight" himself in his current incarnation a remote-controlled robotic drone. Calvin originally planned a power armor suit instead, but had space problems exacerbated by his figure, particularly with fitting in enough batteries, and opted for VR control via a tight broadcast power beam relayed over drones that double as ‘tactical overwatch’ units.[1]

As part of Stacy Conrad's homeschooling he teaches her Math, Science and Electronics.[2] He also has her help him with routine maintenance.

Previous holders of the nameEdit

Little is known about previous Golden Knights, except that in the sixties Abbadon, a member of mutant supremacist group Eugenix, killed the Golden Knight of the time by ripping his heart out.[3]


Calvin is an overweight, middle aged, not terribly athletic man.

The Golden Knight looks like a figure in shining golden power armor.


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