The Golden Scarab (Booker Thomas) is a member (and probably the leader) of the Atlanta Guardians. He is a Whateley Alumni, and attended school at the same time as Gizmatic, Dr. DNA, and Lord Paramount.[1] He is an orphan from Atlanta, and Dr. Alexander allowed him to stay at the school over summer break because "compared to the orphanage ... this is paradise".[1]

On January 6, 2007 he rescued Loophole at the end of her fight with the terrorists in the Atlanta airport.[2] He's married to Nefertari.

Appearance Edit

Suddenly she was enveloped by a powerful set of arms and spun about as the bullets meant for her bounced harmlessly off the gleaming gold and jade armor of an Egyptian Pharaoh.
The man who had just saved Loophole’s life, a tall, dark-skinned, hulking wall of muscle waded back into the remaining terrorists, bullets bouncing off armor and skin alike while his fists felled his enemies like wheat before a scythe.

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He is an Exemplar who is shown to be bullet proof up to a 5.56 mm round fired from an M-16 assault rifle and is super humanly strong.



  • Atlanta, Georgia (Presumed)

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