Arwin Hochauser, code name Goodvibes, is a devisor or gadgeteer specializing in sonics. He's extremely irritated that the Whateley rules won't allow him to have "Dr. Goodvibes" as his code name until he actually earns a doctorate.[1]


Goodvibes is a member of the Young Turks when they attack Fey, Generator and Chaka.[2]

He's seen in passing at the Weapons Fair.[1]

Someone steals speakers from his unsecured locker as part of the attack on Reach.[3]

The Alphas insist on the Turks getting rid of him and several others before they accept the rest into membership.[4]

He's a member of the Young Turks when Team Kimba trashes them in the revenge match.[4][5]

He is the early morning announcer for WARS most weekdays.[6]


Fall 2006Edit


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