Gravmax (Nicolas Boussard,[1] or Nicholas Broussard[2]) is a Class of 2011 Whateley student, residing in Melville Cottage. He has gravity-based powers.


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Physical DescriptionEdit

He had a preppy look, with light brown hair that was slicked back, and a lean and athletic build. However, just from the look of him, [Roulette] had a feeling that he was more into swimming, tennis, or lacrosse, than something like football. Overall, between the preppy look and the smug expression on his face, he reminded [her] of Draco Malfoy.[3]


[has] a hard time understanding the word ‘no’.[4]


Gravity IncreaseEdit

Requires mental focus, but he can converse while doing it. Stops if he's surprised. Works on a "short distance" in front of him. Unknown if it must be in front. Appears that he can designate at least 2 discontinuous patches of land, or possible space, to affect, with varying strength of effect in each. Or the sole instance we've seen is one continuous patch but different effects in different parts of it.

Has enough control to have at least two strength settings:

  • The weaker one can't pin Roulette in her Exemplar-3 state, but is implied it would work on non-Exemplars at least, such as
  • The stronger one is able to pin Sapphire, an Exemplar-4 to the ground, but neither are strong enough to impair Ribbon, an Exemplar-6.[4]


On August 28, 2007, he and his friend Iron have a game of "rock-paper-scissors, was to determine which of them could claim ‘dibs’ on [Roulette].", which Gravmax won, so he's the one to introduce himself and Iron to Roulette and Ribbon.[3]

On September 26, 2007, he and Iron are bullying Ribbit and Aquerna.[4]

On October 28, 2007, he joins Team Denouement.[1]

On November 17, 2007, Team Denouement gathers to discuss plans to handle Team Shenanigans.[5]

On November 19, 2007, Team Denouement gathers to discuss the failure of a plan to mess with Team Shenanigans.[5]

On November 27, 2007, he's dragged out of bed in the "early morning" by a "dark figure that was entirely black as tar" and found "hogtied and buck naked in the courtyard" is making the rounds, revealed as Porcelain later in the day of the story it appears.[6]



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