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The Grunts (plus Generator) -- Breaker, Bunker, Mule, Deadeye, Slapdash (kneeling), Bomber and Generator -- art by Drunkfu

The Grunts are a club and training team, part of Whateley's JROTC program[1] - they're planning on joining the Armed Forces after graduation. Their idea of subtly telling someone that they don't like him is throwing a rock at their head.

Faculty Sponsor: Gunny Bardue (I think.)

Whateley JROTC Program[]

Due to the multinational nature of the school there is some give and take with the JROTC program:

It's not dedicated US Military, or even a branch. Students can sign up for credit with all of the US service branches and international students can apply their studies back to their home militaries. The JROTC corps on campus is a panoply of uniforms, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, British, French, Etc. In fact, the only 'uniform' item is the Beret the students wear which, as the fiction of the unit is a 'multinational organization' has dispensation from both the U.N. and NATO to issue sky blue UN collation force colors.[1]


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