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Hamper (James Kenner) is a Whateley student, a former Alpha and currently a member of The Don's Faction. He is rarely seen apart of his twin brother Bradley, to the point that they are commonly referred simply as the Kenner Twins. His family owns the disreputable Denmark-based Kenner Publishing Group.[1]

The twins are part of the Class of 2009. Recruited into the Alpha Hit Squads by Freya, they partnered with Icer, becoming active in that manner over their Freshman year. Their actions against Elaine Nalley and Joanne Gunnarson on Tansy Walcutt's behalf proved the final straw at the beginning of Wyatt Cody's reforms in early 2007, resulting in their ousting from the Alphas and joining the Don's faction of former Alphas.[2]

On 2007-09-13, both of the Kenner twins were brought on murder attempt charges and expelled.[3]


Hamper is over six tall and muscled as a football player, with blonde hair in a crew cut.[4]

He is an Exemplar-2 and an Energizer-3, the latter being realized as a psychic confusion or masking effect. Not only does this confuse the target individual, it also has a more general effect of keeping others from noticing anything; this includes those viewing through surveillance cameras.[5]


  • With Damper and Aries, he endeavored to send Harry Wolfe home before he even made it to Whateley's campus; thwarted by Tennyo, who seems to be immune to their powers.[4]
  • Aided Aries in attacking Ayla Goodkind. The second time they were defeated by her using a Psi-grenade on them. As a result of being caught, served a two day in-room detention in Hawthorne Cottage.[1]
  • Participated in the Breakfast Brawl.[6] Served one week's detention at Hawthorne Cottage.[7]
  • Attempted to murder Elaine Nalley and rape Joanne Gunnarson on behalf of Solange. Unsuccessful on all counts, ejected from the Alphas the following day by Kodiak.[8]



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