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Roland Voorhees, code name Haywire, is a member of the Masterminds. He appears to be an energizer with the power to make other mutants' powers become uncontrollable. Voorhees is a Dutch name, while Wallflower thinks he speaks something that sounds like German.

another boy with dirty blond hair and an un-put-together look that I found odd, considering it wasn’t hard to get a uniform right. His tie was askew and his jacket had sufficient wrinkles to make me think he’d slept in it.[1]

Wallflower steps in to prevent him from hassling another student. Then later that night, STAR League Jr plus Lancer stop the Masterminds from stealing the MCH.

Haywire and the rest of the Masterminds get their ass handed to them in Boston by the Necromancer and the Children of the Night, and have to be bailed out by Team Kimba.[2]

Phase catches the Masterminds and makes a deal to make them part of her network.[3]


Fall 2006[]