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Hazard (Amelia Conroy-Xiao[1]) is one of the Masterminds.[2] She's a probability warper[3] and exemplar[4] as well as possessing some precognition,[5] and is also one of the campus bookies.[6]

She's a Melville Cottage resident, as she's "our cottagemate", when She-Beast refers to her, and Belphegor.[1]

She has dark, almond-shaped[2] violet[7] eyes and affects an upper-class British accent, but is known to slip into Cockney when flustered.[5]

She has a secret crush on the spykid Ace, and a catty rivalry with the spykid A-Plus. She secretly wants to turn good.[8]

She accompanied She-Beast, Gloriana, Misty and Lindsay during Belphoebe's shopping trip at Boston.[1]