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Heartbreaker (Eve Hilton)[1] is a low-level Exemplar and Esper.[2] She's a member of the Masterminds[3] and lives in Dickinson Cottage.[1]

Before manifesting as a very hot Exemplar -- one who is beautiful enough to qualify for membership in Venus Inc.[4] -- Eve was an "ugly duckling" who was a frequent victim of bullies, who she learned to loathe. Now, despite fancying herself a femme fatale, she is in fact very protective of her friends, particularly Jello[2]. In fact, she was Jello's donor when they ran her through the BIT-Slicer.[5] Her sympathy for people being picked on is not limited to Jello.[6] Physically, her most... ahem... memorable feature seems to be her buttocks.[3]

As an Esper, she is a not particularly strong telepath.[2] Of course, you don't always pick up everything you need when you accidentally eavesdrop, as she discovered to her dismay.

Eve ‘Heartbreaker’ Hilton normally didn’t pay a lot of attention to other people’s thoughts. She was a telepath, and she’d long since learned that most people’s thoughts are rather trite and boring.[1]