Heather O'Niel hails from Chevy Chase, Maryland, but for now is in the Whateley Academy Class of 2011, and residing in Melville Cottage.

Became very interested in Bobby Earl Fields once she heard about his wealth. Unwisely, she consulted with Sebastiano Lorenz Valensuera y Ramirez for help. She got a nice dress out of the deal, on Bobby Earl's dime. Too bad she isn't fond of bourbon or other whiskeys, but she can't be blamed for not being in Tansy's class. Over two weeks in September 2007, the resulting competition with Alexis Scott ramped up to a public catfight.[1]


Heather is a brunette. At the beginning of Fall 2007 she wears her hair in a short, but well-kept, style.


She's a low-level exemplar and a low-level telekinetic.[2] She may not be in The Don's league as a psychic, but she recognizes himon first meeting for a narcissist and psychopath.[3]






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