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Kallysta Thessellarean, codename Hekate, was expelled from Whateley at the beginning of 2007 due to felonies, formerly class of 2008 (junior at time of expulsion).

Now that she's back at Whateley under a different identity, she's in the Class of 2011 and making plans for her former Master, David Archer, Danny Franks, and others.


Side Character[]


MID as of 2006-12-12:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name HEKATE
Ratings Exemplar 3, WIZ 3, PSI 3
Techniques Fireball, Telepathic Sweep, Stunner, Shadow Step
Weak vs Unknown
Backup / Team Affiliation Alphas



During fall 2006, she was the Alphas' queen to match her boyfriend Don Sebastiano's king. In other words, she is a horribly evil witch who puts nasty curses on anyone who crosses her. At some point she tried to turn Stormwolf into a monster wolf, but her spell, which among other things required a substantial sacrifice to a minor demon, failed without any apparent effect on him and destroyed a valuable spellbook in the backlash.[2] Conjure and Spellbinder are her devoted lackeys.

She put a mind-slave spell, taught to her by her unnamed mentor, on Cavalier and Skybolt winter break of 2005. The fear this inspired kept the Don and Hekate at the top of the Alphas.[3] During winter break of 2006, Hekate tried to both renew the spell and add Fey to it, which turned out to be a phenomenally bad idea, resulting in Fey cursing her to feel three times the evil she had done, forcing Hekate to take refuge with the Necromancer.[4] She was also expelled from Whateley, and Mrs. Carson deduced the existence of her mentor.[5]

She returned to Whateley briefly during the Rememberance ceremony, laying a curse on Fey to break up her court - Team Kimba. Fey lays a curse on Lancer as a result.[6]

At the beginning of the 2007 school year, she's in the body of a freshman girl. (need reference)