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Hekate's Master is the person who is teaching her forbidden magics. He's currently unknown, although there was a thread on the forum where there were a number of guesses; it was a victim of the Forum Crash of 2011.

Hekate meets him in a cursed circle a mile outside of the school boundaries.


Hekate delivers an augury to her Master, concerning Outcast Corner, although she isn't able to identify the people involved.[1]

He warns the Alphas, via Hekate, not to prank Reach and Spark—not because he's interested in them personally, but because he has several sensitive projects in the Workshop and doesn't want additional attention from Security.[2]

Hekate discusses Fey with her Master before her attempt to use the Thrall spell on her.[3]

Hekate's Master provides the Necromancer with some spells to ward the place where Hekate is staying. This takes place off screen, but it's commented on several times.[4]

Hekate's Master talks to Don Sebastiano and gives him a message for the Necromancer. Sebastiano is convinced that Hekate's Master is a student.[5] Sebastiano also later believes he has traced a phone call from Hekate's master to a male, non-wizard student, but no more information has been given to readers at this time, including about this information's reliability.

Chou and several others destroy the circle where Hekate met her Master.[6]

On May 1, 2007 Solange overheard The Don confronting Hekate's Master in the Tunnels. He claimed that he knew that Hekate's Master was known by The Syndicate as Nimbus. Hekate's Master neither confirmed or denied this.[7]