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Anosha Ibrahimi[1], codename Hippolyta, although has been called Hippolyte. Sara calls her endearingly as "Sif", “Like Sif, the goddess of skill in battle.”[2]


MID as of 2006-12-13:[3]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings EX-6, Regen-6
Techniques Muay-Thai, Savaté, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Power Jump
Weak vs None
Backup / Team Affiliation Capes, Sinear


She grew up in Afghanistan in an area where a particularly misogynist variant of Islamic fundamentalism ruled. Her father had several wives who apparently all cooperated in heaping abuse on their daughters just for being female, including subjecting them to female genital mutilation at the onset of puberty. When this happened to her at age 10 her mutant powers manifested. After an apparently rather violent fallout she escaped with her sisters to Pakistan. Via the U.S. embassy they secured a Whateley-backed mutant visa for her and eventually American foster parents for her younger sisters, while some of her older sisters stayed in Pakistan to get married.[2]


She is at best distrustful of and often outright hostile towards men, and even when they have proven themselves to her she considers this a possibly just transitory lapse in wickedness. She refers to Hank as a "gender traitor" due to his f2m state, and has frequent fights with him; Hank looks at this as good sparring practice. She is also very short tempered. However, she seems to be mellowing a bit after entering a relationship with Sara, who helped her regeneration heal her mutilation.[2] Saladin's acts also made her reconsider some of her previous attitude towards males.[4][5][6]

She is a smoker.[7]


She has a very tall and muscular build that nevertheless emphasizes her female attributes, short curly golden hair (not blonde, really golden) and a square face and chin.[8] She looks vaguely Arabic.


As a high-level exemplar Hippolyta can among other things bench-press over 8 tons[9] and learn languages rapidly. As of January 2007 she can speak 14 languages including Chinese fluently and is in the process of learning Urdu, Italian and Russian.[10] She's also a high-level regenerator, healing from serious injuries very rapidly.



Group Affiliations[]