Hive 2 is the second of Warren's stories about Samantha Everheart. It was posted on April 23, 2006 and covers the period from November 21, 2006 to November 26, 2006. It follows What's Buzzing You? and precedes Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These).


On Nov 21, Samantha Everheart's first day at Whateley Security. She gets poked and prodded. Afterwards, she hires Harry Wolfe and Fran Barnes to work on her apartment in the tower. At lunch, she picks up Jann to round out the crew.

On the 22nd, Samantha Everheart, Harry, Fran and Jinn work on the apartment.

On the 23rd, Stan and Morrie check out Samantha's apartment and do the final hookups. Sam, Harry, Fran and Jinn then find some bluestone and install bluestone flooring.

On the 24th, Samantha moves the furniture in and arranges with Mrs. Carson for an open house.

On the 25th, Samantha shops for the party and does some practice at the range.

On the 26th, Sam's open house. Olympia tries to force Sam to give her the apartment, and Sam teaches her a lesson.



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