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Humanity First! purports to be a "grassroots" political organization concerned with the possible danger posed by the presence of mutants in society, and protecting baselines from the "mutant threat." In reality, it's the mutant-hating version of the KKK, only with more politically-savvy leaders and better spin doctors. They're said to get much of their funding, possibly at least half, from the Goodkind family and related businesses. Sometimes referred to as H1 or Humans First!, although the latter may be a splinter group.

Although they share a funding source, H1 is separate from the policing organization, the MCO, and the mercenary paramilitary group that fights mutants, the Knights of Purity. H1 has some even more extremist groups, such as the paramilitary church camp Chad was sent to, but most H1 groups are just local people, no more dangerous than any other lynch mob.

A number of Whateley students had run-ins with the local H1 groups before they came to Whateley, including Garafena, or were born to people in H1, like Diamondback.

Known members[]

Cincinnati chapter[]


The city director. He remembers the troubles in the Sixties, so he's probably more than fifty years old, maybe in his sixties. He's very careful in keeping the H1! from appearing overtly racist.[1]


The office manager.[1]


The City Hall go-to man.[1]

Herb Tellock[]

Main article: Herb Tellock

The H1! representative with the business community.[1]


The office's legal representative.[1]


Liaison with the police and MCO.[1]


The "current events" advisor.[1]


Head of PR.[1]