Madelyn Wicker, codename Hydroflux,[1] is a devisor who specializes in plumbing. She's a Junior in the 2006-2007 school year, and she lives in Melville Cottage.


At the Weapons Fair, Ayla witnesses Unicorn and Automa-Tech in a bidding war for a special set of hi-lo shower heads. He orders a set of three as a treat for the girls on her floor.[2][3]

She-Beast fills Spark and Reach in on what Hydroflux has done to the Melville girl's showers.[4]

Hydroflux installs new shower hardware into the freshman girl's showers in Poe Cottage.[5]

She is part of the board for the Order of the Worn Wrench advancement hearings in April 2007.[1]

Hydroflux is mentioned in a number of stories.[6][7][8][9]

She was promoted to Senior as Honor Roll, Deans’ List, National Honor Society member.[10]


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