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Imperious by Drunkfu

Imperious (Jason Stratholm) is Jupiter/Zeus from the old Roman and Greek pantheon. See the New Olympians page for a discussion of the general issues with all of them.


Finding a suitable body, Jupiter possessed five-month-old Jason and hasn’t looked back yet. Growing up without any of the powers he had grown accustomed to was simultaneously a humbling and infuriating experience. Jason knew now how ‘helpless’ the humans are first hand, and he couldn’t wait to get away from it. He has a very grudging respect for humanity as a whole for the degree of advancement they have accomplished within the last thousand years, but still sees individuals as, at best, pawns. He also possesses a ‘closed mind’, a mental shield that has yet to be breached by force or guile, at least that he’s admitted to.


He is 6' 1" tall, has a muscular build, white neck length hair, a rugged and hard face and blue eyes that spark with electricity when he is using his powers.


His attitude and bearing would’ve made him a shoe-in for the Alphas, but he considers everyone, except his fellow Olympians, as an inferior race there for his amusement. He’s watched Don Sebastiano with nearly undisguised amusement, a fact that annoys the Don to no end.

His main interest in mortals, aside from getting them to worship him, appears to be as love interests, a fact while angers Majestic to no end. While he is primarily interested in Exemplar women, he does not seem particularly choosy in who he hits on, either with regards to appearance or gender; for example, on learning that Phase was intersexed, he actually seemed to become more attracted to him rather than turned off.


An exemplar five, Jason has once again claimed the body form he used as Jupiter, as well as a new variation of his lightning bolts in the form of Electrokinesis (Tk-5e) powerful enough to generate megawatts in a burst with enough control to trigger electrical devices. He is also an Esper-3 with the ability to generate an aura that makes most people instantly subservient.


Once Eldritch appears on the scene, he recognizes her as Galatea, an Artificer who caused immense havoc back in Classical Greece. He determines to get her under control, and almost manages it.[1]

Make and Overclock use his simulation in a sim trap for Team Kimba. He is not amused.[2][3]