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Image of Inaba made by Rose Bunny. Received via Discord.

Inaba, real name Rosalie "Rose" Lindevall. She's "fourteen years of age" in the beginning of January 2007[1], born on November 28 1992. And will be a Hawthorne Cottage student of the Class of 2012 once she gets to Whateley.[2].


Main Character[]

Physical Description[]

Before becoming a host of Inaba (Spirit), on the evening of July 06, 2007:

cancer had spread to my lungs, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. I’m probably down to maybe eighty lbs or so. I’m a little under Five foot four, but I look like a walking skeleton, my ribs and pelvis sticking out under my skin. I had once had beautiful red hair, now it’s almost all gone, and what’s left is brittle and falling out. You could see the specter of death in my face, as my cheeks were hollowed out and eyes sunken.[1]

After that hosting and her mutant traits activated... Collapsing for length...

face was flawless. My lips had grown fuller, from thin lines to what would be described as ‘pouty’.

[face now has dimples].

buck teeth, [...] My nose had been somewhat wide before, but it was now delicate and slightly upturned,
My eyes had always seemed slightly too small for my face, but now they seemed to have a sexy wide open ‘innocent’ look to them that made them appear larger in proportion to the rest of my face. They were a pale color...I’d say cream, but I had been told they were actually pink.
Overall, my face was rounder, and softer. My mutation and transformation had filled in the hollows and gaunt depressions that had formed from my illness. My skin was healthy and radiant, the sickly color was gone, as were the bags and dark circles around the eyes.
The strangest part of my new face were the three strange stripes on each cheek. They appeared brown to me, just like the whiskers that sprouted from them. I suspected they were red, like my hair and the fur on my ears… At least I suspected my hair to still be red, though if it were, it was a darker shade than it had been before. My hair was healthy and full once again, though still relatively short. The cancer and chemotherapy had done a number on it, making it brittle and dull, with the majority having fallen out, but now it seemed to be healthy and growing once again.


I looked at my butt in the mirror, wiggling my tail as I slipped off the hospital pajamas. It was round and full, it wasn’t quite what most would call a bubble butt, though it was firm and shapely. For my height… I don’t seem to have gotten any taller… my legs were long and if I had to judge them, I’d say they were sexy. Overall, it seemed that my body was extremely fit, with very generous curves. I was a little puzzled, as I looked more like someone who was perhaps eighteen, maybe even twenty years old. I certainly didn’t look my actual age.

[...] I wouldn’t have to shave or wax my hair… because I had none. Nope. While it was cool not having hair below my head, there was something even more embarrassing. I had a tuft of fur that was growing above my nether region, I quickly resolved that it would get shaved or waxed or whatever it took to get rid of it.[1]

5'3 3/4" 108[lbs][2]

Bra size: “thirty-four D"[1]

“twenty-two inch waist and thirty-six inch hips."[1]

Tough "quarter-inch thick [finger]nails".[1]

Her eyes reflect camera flashes, giving her red eye, and her eyes are now pink, instead of their original brown.[1]



She was born on November 28 1992.[2].

As she says:

When I was two, social workers took me away from my mother, because I was in what they called an ‘unsafe environment’. She never attempted to get me back… apparently my father wasn’t even in the picture. Hell, I don’t even know which one’s last name I have. I was stuck in government care. I had a few foster homes take me in and I spent time bouncing around. One family was close to adopting me, but that was around when my learning disability was discovered.”[3]
When I was ten, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.[1]
When I had been in third grade, I had been diagnosed with dyscalculia.[1]


  • Avatar four or more. Hosting Inaba (Spirit)[1]
  • Exemplar three:
    • Lift "maxed out at about five hundred pounds".[1]
    • Presumably enhanced natural cold resistance.[4]
  • Regeneration three. "A small cut, no larger than an inch or two was made on my forearm, which healed up completely in a matter of seconds."[1]


Rose has dyscalculia to the point that she has problems with reading time on normal watches -- she had a special watch made for her which presents time as a series of dots. On the other hand, her Exemplar mental package gives her the ability to estimate measurements by eye with very small error, which partially compensates, since she does not have to rely on measurement devices.

A combination of her delayed puberty, a "slingshot" effect which propelled her straight to sexual maturity during her manifestation, and the nature of her spirit left her with heightened hormonal levels for which she was utterly unprepared, resulting in a nearly out-of-control libido. She's bisexual and very easily aroused, which leaves her vulnerable to sexual predators.