Intervention, by ElrodW and E. E. Nalley, is the story of how Kayda Franks helps Tansy Walcutt deal with her self-destructive tendencies. It was published on 2017-05-29 and covers from 2007-09-14 to 2007-09-18. It overlaps with the ending of The Bear, The Bitch, And Everything and preceeds Tea and Dagger.



In the afternoon, Elaine Nalley and Kayda Framks are called into the Headmistress’ office, to find both the Assistant Headmistress and Louis Geintz, the head of Psychic Arts. The discussion is about Tansy Walcutt’s self-destructive tendencies. Kayda’s spirit intervenes and says that Tansy needs to do a vision quest. Everyone agrees.

That evening, Tansy, completely confused about what’s going on, starts her vision quest.


After ritual purification in the sweat lodge, Tansy goes to her dream space and has a number of visions, guided by a golden eagle.


Tansy’s visions continue. At the end, Kayda’s spirit, the Ptesanwi, helps her put them together.


Early that morning, Tansy comes out of the ritual. She’s going to have fun, but first there’s something she needs Ms. Hartford’s help to do.


At a private sanitarium, the staff begins the process of transferring Tansy’s mother to ARC.


In order of appearance.

People encountered in Tansy’s vision quest

At the sanitarium.

  • Paul Roan - LPN at private sanitarium
  • Jim - another nurse or attendant.
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